The introduction of the Internet has made it easier for people to obtain music than ever before. If you have an internet connection, you can quickly listen to or download the music or playlists of your choice. But, if you have a sluggish Internet connection, downloading music, especially a lengthy playlist, can be incredibly frustrating.

In this instance, you’ll need the assistance of a professional YouTube music playlist downloader. There are numerous solutions available for various computer systems and gadgets, but how can you choose the best?

That is simple. This guide contains some of the finest recommendations. In addition, we will examine their characteristics, advantages, and downsides in detail. After considering these aspects, you can choose the appropriate instrument.

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1. EaseUS Video Downloader

There are various YouTube playlist downloaders available online, but very few of them are compatible with both YouTube and YouTube Music (the former is designed for video, and the latter is designed for music). Yet, EaseUS Video Downloader is one of the few video downloaders that supports both providers. Whether you want to download a music playlist from YouTube or YouTube Music, EaseUS Video Downloader can help you do so conveniently and swiftly.

More specifically, you can use EaseUS Video Downloader to do things like:

  • Download tracks or playlists from YouTube Music of high quality
  • Download YouTube videos, playlists, and channels in MP4/MP3/WAV
  • Get YouTube videos in 8K/4K/1080P/720P
  • Batch download videos or songs with several clicks
  • Search for videos with its in-built search feature

With these fantastic features, you can download any YouTube video and enjoy it on your computer, tablet, or smartphone from anywhere. In addition to YouTube, it also supports Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Step 1. Open EaseUS Video Downloader on your computer, go to “Downloader,” and then click “Add URLs.”

Open the video downloader

Step 2. Paste the URL of the music or the playlist into the box and click “Confirm.” Afterward, select to download the whole playlist.

Paste the URL

Step 3. Choose the audio files you want to download and select the audio format and quality you prefer. Then click “Download” to continue.

Select the audio format and quality

Step 4. Wait for downloading process to finish.

Start downloading audio files

Disclaimer: Please make sure that your download behavior is legal in your country! EaseUS does not advocate downloading any video/audio for sale, distribution, or other commercial purposes.

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2. is one of the greatest free online programmes for converting YouTube videos and playlists to MP3. However, it is not recommended to download several videos or playlists including twenty or more videos, since the process will take a considerable amount of time.

Additionally, advertisements on such websites may occasionally send you to a malicious or random website. And these sites may require you to download something in order to steal your information. If you opt to use such websites, you should avoid clicking on anything after being redirected.

Here are the steps to download the YouTube playlist with

Step 1. Open the YouTube playlist you wish to download and copy its URL.

Step 2. Visit site and paste the URL in the search bar.

Step 3. Select your wanted format for your video from the available options.

Step 4. Set the “Playlist Start” and “Playlist End.”

Step 5. Click on the “Download” option.

Download YouTube playlist with

Tips: is not the only online playlist downloader for YouTube. Apart from it, other options like YouTubNow,, and DDownr are also nice options. If you have any problem with, you can try different online YouTube playlist downloaders instead.

3. YouTube Video and Audio Downloader [Firefox]

YouTube video and audio downloader

If you don’t mind downloading videos individually from a playlist, you can use a browser extension. This article focuses mostly on the YouTube Video & Audio Downloader, a Firefox extension that lets you download YouTube videos in MP4, WebM, M4A, and FLV formats.

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The Bottom Line

Hence, you have three alternatives for downloading YouTube playlists. You may choose the one that you believe will work best for you. EaseUS Video Downloader is the most recommended alternative because it is secure and quick. Most importantly, it gives you with numerous additional benefits.


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