We won’t know for sure what changes will be made to the iPhone 15 until it comes out later this year, but we expect big ones. We already talked about this in our roundup of rumours about the iPhone 15, but this year’s Pro models may not have physical buttons. Instead, they may have touch-based buttons that give a “tactic” feeling when pressed. Now, a new render backs up that claim, but at least it shows that there will still be separate controls for muting.

ShrimpApplePro’s Twitter feed is showing a video that is popular on Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok. The second one is known as a leaker among Apple blogs. The video shows a CAD drawing of what we already know about the iPhone 15 Pro/Pro Max, which is that it will have solid-state buttons instead of physical ones on the side. People have called them “tactics” because when you touch them with your finger, you can feel something.

On the left side of the iPhone, where the volume rocker usually is, the renderings show a touch-friendly bar. Based on the renderings, we also think that the mute button will be touch-only, but we’re not sure for sure. You’ll be able to tap and press to turn the ringer on or off. The jury is still out on whether that would feel as good as physically flipping a switch or more like the touch bar on some older MacBooks. I guess we’ll only know if any of this happens.

So far, the rumours about the iPhone 15 have pointed to four different models. Two were called the Pro and the Pro Max, and the other two were called the regular iPhone 15 and the iPhone 15 Max. As we can see in even more renderings, the taptic buttons won’t be on the later models. Instead, they will have a traditional volume rocker, power button, and mute button.

If it turns out that the Pro models do use the new taptic buttons, Apple’s “Pro” smartphone line will continue to give early adopters the chance to be the first to use a new set of features. It could also help Apple market the device as more durable than its predecessors, which is something the company has already done with the Apple Watch Ultra.

We won’t really know anything about the new iPhone 15 from Apple until it comes out of Cupertino. But so far, the rumours point to USB-C, a Dynamic Island on the regular iPhone 15 models, and more memory pulsing on the inside.

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