The Apple Watch is getting a small but important fix for its alarms. An update is being made so that users won’t accidentally turn off their alarms while they’re sleeping.

As described in the company’s release notes for the upcoming watchOS 9.4 update, the “Cover to Mute” gesture will soon no longer be able to turn off alarms set in “Sleep Focus.”

After the testing period is over, the update should be ready by the beginning of April.

How to Set Alarms On The Apple Watch

At the moment, if a person sleeps on their smartwatch and covers the screen for a few seconds, an alarm will be turned off by accident.

Apple Watch alarms finally receiving accidental cancel fix - no more  oversleeping - Wareable

But with the new change, that feature is going away so alarms can still go off.

Even though it doesn’t sound like much, we think this change will help a lot of Apple Watch users, including ourselves, figure out why their alarms sometimes didn’t go off when they were supposed to.

It’s also not the only change that’s planned for watchOS 9.4.

At least according to what we know from the beta, the update will add support for new emoji characters like a blackbird, goose, and donkey. AFib history will also be available in more countries.

With the update, the health feature will be available in Colombia, Thailand, and Malaysia. Cycle Tracking support will also be added to Ukraine and Moldova.

As we’ve already said, we think the update will be available to all Apple Watch owners in the next week or so. When it is, you can download it by following the steps in our guide on how to update an Apple Watch.

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