Korean dramas have been in the public spotlight since the first season of Kingdom (the finest Korean series ever) was aired on Netflix. Sure, there have been terrific Korean horror films, but most people haven’t been introduced to the wonderful world of K-dramas.

For years, I’ve been a fan of Korean dramas. I used to have separate subscriptions to Viki and VRV solely for DramaFever. Netflix has stepped up its Asian series game after the demise of DramaFever.

They are not only killing it with their Korean concerts, but they have also added shows from China, Taiwan, Japan, and Thailand. Today we’re simply talking about K-dramas, so here’s a list of the best five Korean dramas available on Netflix right now!

5 Must-Watch Korean Dramas on Netflix Right Now!

All of Us Are Dead

5 Best Korean Dramas To Stream On Netflix Right Now

All of Us Are Dead is a zombie horror series based on Joo Dong-webtoon Geun’s Now at Our School. It follows a group of high school kids who are caught in the center of a viral epidemic.

After an accident results in the outbreak of a zombie virus at a South Korean high school, the pupils are sealed off from the rest of the world by the authorities.

The children must depend on each other and any resources they can find to survive this hazardous predicament since they have no supplies and no means to seek aid. While the program is largely a horror narrative, it also touches on a variety of societal themes.

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A Korean Odyssey (2017)

5 Best Korean Dramas To Stream On Netflix Right Now

Journey to the West is a fantastic narrative. Because I live in a Chinese home, this tale is often recounted. A Korean Odyssey (aka Hwayugi) is a new and refreshing twist on a narrative I’ve seen countless times before.

Hwayugi gives the ancient Chinese narrative the traditional Korean drama treatment, replete with a love story, including recognized characters like the Monkey King and the Ox-King.

Jin Seon-mi (Oh Yeon-Seo) has been able to see ghosts since she was a little child, making her an outcast among her peers and her family. Her grandma recognizes her talent and presents her with a yellow umbrella adorned with Buddhist protective charms. It helps, but she is still burdened by her talent.

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Our Beloved Summer (2021)

5 Best Korean Dramas To Stream On Netflix Right Now

‘Our Beloved Summer,’ created by Kim Youn-jin and Lee Na-Eun, is a romantic comedy written by Lee Na-Eun. Choi Ung and Kook Yeon-soo, former lovers who end up parting ways and vowing never to meet again, are the subject of the series.

When a video they made in high school goes viral, their producer friend brings the couple together for more content. As the novel progresses, the two are confronted with their confusing emotions for one another while attempting to cope with their current situation as professionally as possible.

Squid Game

5 Best Korean Dramas To Stream On Netflix Right Now

You’ve undoubtedly heard of this one; in fact, it’s likely that it was the show that led you here! Squid Game, a Netflix original from 2021, climbed to the top of Netflix’s most-watched lists in an unprecedented amount of time, creating a social media phenomenon and water cooler talking topic.

It’s a creative take on traditional genre cliches with an amazing ensemble that makes for a tempting binge-watch, and for good reason. The program follows 456 debt-ridden contestants through a series of dangerous children’s games in the hopes of winning a life-changing reward for the winner.

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Hospital Playlist

5 Best Korean Dramas To Stream On Netflix Right Now

Even in the K-drama realm, medical dramas are nothing new. But a medical drama in which the characters are all top physicians in their areas and form a rocking band together is novel.

PD Shin Won-‘Hospital ho’s Playlist’ (after ‘Prison Playbook’ and ‘Reply Series’) has created another masterpiece that portrays the ordinary lives of physicians and hospital staff on a very basic, human level and dives into the depths beneath apparently simple and commonplace things.

‘Hospital Playlist’ tells the tale of five medical school pals who are still in touch at the age of 40.

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