CricHD is a pirated sports streaming service that was initially created to broadcast cricket events live and provide highlights from the games. More people are now participating, and it has spread to other sports as well.

This article will explain how to get CricHD if it has been prohibited in your country, what sports it offers, whether or not it is legal in your country, and whether or not it is safe to use.

What Sports Can You Watch on CricHD?

A variety of sports are available on CricHD. Sports including tennis, cricket, the NFL, the AFL, cycling, racing, badminton, volleyball, rugby, sailing, and hockey may all be watched live on the internet.

Is CricHD Safe?

It’s no secret that CricHD is a difficult platform to navigate. It bombards you with pop-ups and adverts you didn’t ask for, and it sends you to sites you probably won’t want to check out.
We were warned several times while reviewing CricHD that clicking on specific URLs could cause malware to be downloaded onto our test PC.

If you still want to go there, though, you should update your antivirus and security software first.

In some cases, you may need to click a link four or five times before you reach the desired page, and you will almost certainly encounter a number of annoying pop-up windows, malicious redirected pages, and virus attempts along the way.

Keep in mind that a lot of the CricHD live streams are choppy, unreliable, lag, freeze, or don’t even load at all. To discover a live stream that actually works may take a lot of time and effort on your part.

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Is CricHD Legal?

CricHD is probably not legal where you live if you’re asking about it. Like Hesgoal, this site transmits television without permission, violating the copyright of the networks it shows.

Legal action against you is highly improbable due to the nature of the site you accessed, but it is possible because some nations have harsher laws than others. You should be aware that you are doing so at your own risk, and that you should verify your local laws before proceeding.

As many Internet service providers have blocked access to the site, getting there could be a problem for some users as well.

Is CricHD Blocked?


Although though access to CricHD is restricted in many areas, it can be viewed elsewhere. Here we take a look at the regulations in place in several of the more prominent nations that have prohibited access to CricHD, so you may determine if and where you are permitted to use the site.

US Residents

Since March of 2017, CricHD has been completely unavailable across the United States. CricHD was reportedly stopped to prevent users from accessing content hosted on other websites that have been known to feature pirated material, yet there is no formal notification from US authorities concerning this blocking.

Accessing live streaming content from overseas broadcasters like BT Sports, Sky Sports, Star Sports, and more is feasible with a VPN or Smart DNS. If CricHD is unavailable in your country, you can bypass the filter by using this method.

UK Residents

Since January of 2017, CricHD has been completely unavailable in the United Kingdom. CricHD is only available in the British Isles, however anyone using a VPN or Smart DNS can watch the matches from anywhere in the world.

Australian Residents

From September of 2016, CricHD has been completely blacklisted in Australia. Due to its likely advocacy of copyright infringement, the site is completely inaccessible in this area. But if you have a virtual private network (VPN) or a Smart DNS proxy service, you may easily access this and any other region-blocked website.

Indian Residents

From May of 2018, CricHD has been unavailable across the entirety of India. The Indian government prohibited several websites during this time, and the reasons for this one’s removal are unknown. If CricHD is unavailable in your country, you can still gain access to it through other means.

How to Unblock CricHD

If CricHD has been blocked in your country, you can still access it through a virtual private network (VPN). If you can’t watch cricket live where you are, you can still catch up on the highlights and more on this streaming website. Be sure your VPN of choice has servers in the regions from which you intend to stream CricHD before making your final decision.

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US & UK VPN Services

VyprVPN, VPN ProxyMaster, ExpressVPN, IPVanish, NordVPN, and Ivacy are just a few of the VPNs that have servers in the United States and the United Kingdom. Learn more by reading our post on what to look for in a reliable VPN service. After signing up for service, just follow the instructions in our blog post to gain access to CricHD.

India VPN Services

CricHD is only accessible in India, therefore if you live outside of India and want to access it, you’ll need a VPN that has servers in India. From there, you may watch cricket matches and re-watch highlights without being subject to regional or governmental censorship.

Vypr VPN, VPN Proxy Master, Ivacy, and Express VPN are just few of the VPN services that provide servers in India, and they all have plans that are within your pricing range. Find out more about the process, as well as some suggestions for which VPN service could work best for you, by reading our article on the subject. Once you have subscribed, please go to our blog post for instructions on how to bypass the geoblock on CricHD.

Australia VPN Services


A virtual private network (VPN) service with servers in Australia is the optimal choice if you are an Australian resident. Without fail, the service provider will be able to get around geographical restrictions. VPN Proxy Master, ExpressVPN, Ivacy, and Vypr VPN are some of the best, and you can read our guide on how to pick a VPN service to suit your needs for more information.

How can I watch Live Cricket on CricHD?


  1. Ensure you have working, up to date virus protection and security software
  2. Search Google for CricHD and visit the site. If it is blocked by your ISP, follow the instructions above to use a VPN.
  3. Use the menu on the left of the CricHD site to find the sport or channel you want to watch.
  4. You may have to click the link several times before it actually takes you to the page you asked for. In the meantime, expect popups, new windows and redirects. Do not click any of the links in any of these!
  5. When you eventually get to the page you wanted, if you are in luck you will find a working live stream playing. If not, you may need to go back and try an alternative stream or channel.


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