Even though there have been stories that Google is rushing to develop AI in order to stay competitive in the AI space, the tech giant announced on Friday another big step forward in its AI projects.

Google is combining its machine learning and AI-focused Brain Team with DeepMind, a top AI research company that Alphabet bought in 2014, to make a new group called Google DeepMind.

The group will be supported by Google’s computing power and will work to speed up the growth of Google’s AI products, services, and, most importantly, the safety of those products.

“Progress is happening faster than ever before,” says Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google. “To make sure that general AI is developed in a brave and responsible way, we’re making a unit that will help us build more powerful systems in a safe and responsible way.”

The release says that Demis Hassabis, the CEO of Deepmind, will be in charge of making Google’s “most capable” and “responsible” AI systems.

Jeff Dean, a co-founder of the Brain team and former SVP of Google Research and Health, will become both Google Research and Google Deepmind’s Chief Scientist.

According to the post, Google Research will keep looking into important computer science issues like algorithms and theory, privacy and security, health, climate and sustainability, and “responsible AI.”
The idea of safe and responsible AI was a big part of the release. This is likely because of all the criticism Google has gotten since it launched Bard.

On Wednesday, both current and former Google workers told Bloomberg that the company’s rush to release Bard put AI ethics and safety at risk. Maybe the Google DeepMind group will be a step in the right direction toward solving that problem.

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