A fresh group of titles for the Switch Online service have been revealed by Nintendo. The most recent additions, which include two Game Boy games, a SNES game, and an original NES game, are included in the base tier.

This includes the 1995 Game Boy title Kirby’s Dream Land 2, BurgerTime Deluxe from Data East in 1991 for the Game Boy, Side Pocket from Data East in 1993, and the vintage Namco arcade shoot ’em up Xevious.

This Is a Complete Summary Provided by Nintendo’s PR:

Game Boy

Kirby’s Dream Land 2 The seven Rainbow Islands’ connecting bridges have vanished! Battle King Dedede and his army of minions while assisting Kirby in solving the riddle. Meet Rick, Kine, and Coo along the road; each has valuable skills that will aid Kirby in saving the day!

BurgerTime Deluxe – The food fight in this vintage arcade game never stops! By navigating an action-packed kitchen to gather your ingredients, you may help Chef Peter Pepper make the perfect burger. However, be careful because renegade ingredients will do anything to put an end to your culinary days.

Super NES

SIDE POCKET In Nine Ball Game and Pocket Game, you might be able to keep your composure behind the cue, but can you compete in Trick Game’s tricky finesse with the best? In both solo and multiplayer modes, use a variety of shots, and get ready to rack and roll in this 1993 billiards game for the Super NES!


XEVIOUS – You are the only one who can save humanity from the evil XEVIOUS collective! To destroy XEVIOUS aircraft and bases from behind enemy lines, control the Solvalou Fighter and its assortment of armaments. With its distinctive enemy kinds, hidden gameplay elements, and variety of vertically scrolling landscapes, XEVIOUS stood out from its mid-80s rivals. Do you have the cunning necessary to defeat XEVIOUS?

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