It’s difficult to envision a day without YouTube, correct? It is compatible with multiple devices, including your smartphone and tablet.

When using the app to play a video, the video may not fill the complete screen. If you find this irritating, continue reading since there is a straightforward remedy. This post will demonstrate how to activate full-screen zoom in the YouTube app. The procedures are outlined below.

How to Enable Zoom to Fill the Screen on The You Tube App

  • Open the YouTube app on your smartphone or tablet
  • Next, tap on your avatar image or your photo
  • Tap Settings at the bottom

how to fix zoomed in youtube videos android

  • Next, tap General, located at the top of the next screen

how to fix zoomed in youtube videos android

  • You will see a variety of options there; find Zoom to fill the screen

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  • As you can see, the option is disabled by default. To turn it on, tap on the switch next to the option
  • The switch will turn blue, showing that the feature is now turned on.

how to fix zoomed in youtube videos android

This is how easy it is! You have successfully enabled zoom to fill the screen; videos you play using the app will now fill the screen. Following the same processes, you may always deactivate this option if you change your mind.


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