The GPay app, which was once the future of Google’s payments strategy, is still accessible in three countries and is undergoing Material You modifications.

Version 171.1.4 of GPay is now publicly available via the Play Store, and the Material You redesign has been implemented.

One change has been made to the bottom bar since last year. You will now just see the current tab’s text label.

GPay’s bottom bar was fluid and quite unusual from the start. In addition to highlighting the active tab in blue and displaying its label, there was a bugle-like indicator at the top of the page.

GPay is now transitioning to a typical Material You bottom bar with tall, pill-shaped indications. Dynamic Color has not yet been implemented. Only a blue accent colour is employed. This modification makes the application less entertaining yet modernises it.

There are a few additional button and size adjustments (a slightly larger search area at the top), but the app stays otherwise same.

The old “new Google Pay” app receiving a minor upgrade is an intriguing hint. When Google Wallet was introduced, the firm stated that GPay would continue to be accessible in the three countries where it debuted. (Wallet is unavailable in India as well.) Google eliminating the money-spending tracking/”Insights” will undoubtedly cause a commotion among those who have been using GPay as intended.

Material You has been redesigned in GPay version 167.1.5, albeit the server-side component has not yet been extensively implemented.

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