YouTube has already included millions of audio channels and a subscription-based streaming music service, YouTube Music, in its music offerings. As a result of YouTube’s extensive audio library, the number of its global users continues to increase. If you’re looking for a way to download MP3 songs from YouTube Music, YouTube playlists, or YouTube videos, the five best YouTube to MP3 converters listed below should be able to help.

Method 1. Convert YouTube Music to MP3

As a replacement for Google Play Music in its entirety, YouTube Music offers over 100 million songs to all users. NoteBurner YouTube Music to MP3 Converter allows you to export MP3s from this massive streaming music library.

NoteBurner is a leading provider of streaming music downloaders. YouTube Music Converter, one of its best music recorders, is used to download tracks from YouTube Music Free or Premium with no quality loss to MP3/AAC/FLAC/WAV/AIFF/ALAC. The download speed is up to ten times faster than conventional music recorders. Rapidly download YouTube Music to your computer in bulk.

Steps to Convert YouTube Music to MP3

YouTube Video: How to Download YouTube Music to Computer

Step 1Log into YouTube Music

Open NoteBurner YouTube Music Downloader on PC or Mac, and log into your YouTube Music account.

Step 2 Choose MP3 as Output Format

Tap the “Settings” icon at upper right corner. Then you can customize the Output Format (MP3/AAC/WAV/FLAC/AIFF/ALAC), Bit Rate (320kbps, 256kbps, 192kbps, 128kbps), Sample Rate, and so on. Please don’t forget to choose MP3 output format for your YouTube Music.

choose mp3 for youtube music

Step 3 Add YouTube Music to NoteBurner

Simply open a YouTube Music playlist on NoteBurner, then tap the “+Add” button suspending at the right side. After that, choose the YouTube Music you’d like to convert to MP3 format.

add youtube music

Step 4 Start Converting YouTube Music to MP3

Click the “Convert” button to start converting YouTube Music as MP3 audio files.

start converting youtube music

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Method 2. Record YouTube Music to MP3

AudiCable is an alternative method for extracting MP3 files from YouTube Music. It is an all-inclusive streaming music recorder that can capture songs in real-time from YouTube Music, Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, etc. Simply begin playing a single song, and the programme will intelligently record and save it in MP3 format. Here is how to employ it:

Step 1 Choose MP3 Output Format

Download, install and open AudiCable on the desktop, then open the setting window, where you’re able to choose output format, output quality, output path, etc. Choose MP3 as the output format.

choose mp3 output format

Step 2 Play YouTube Music to Record

Choose YouTube Music platform in the main interface and log into your account. Then open a music track or playlist and start to play. During playback, AudiCable will automatically record each YouTube Music tune.

record youtube music to mp3

Step 3 Find Downloaded MP3-Format YouTube Music

Once done, click “Recorded” and you’ll find the MP3 YouTube Music songs. They are downloaded locally on your computer.

youtube music mp3 files

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Method 3. Convert Songs from YouTube to MP3

YouTube allows users to stream millions of music playlists for free, but only online. Using NoteBurner YouTube Video Downloader, a free YouTube Music to MP3 downloading tool, is essential if you want to save mobile data by downloading songs from YouTube.

Step 1 Add YouTube Video to NoteBurner

Launch NoteBurner YouTube Video Downloader Free, then copy and paste the YouTube Video link (with popular songs) to NoteBurner and press “Enter“.

copy youtube music url

Step 2 Customize Output Settings

Click “Settings” to customize the output quality (High, Medium, Low) and output path.

choose high output quality

Step 3 Download YouTube Songs to MP3

Simply click the advanced download icon to open the Advanced Download window. Choose the “Audio” tab and choose the YouTube Music audio to download.

youtube mp3 download

Method 4. Record YouTube Music to MP3

YouTube provides access to a multitude of musical tracks. You may therefore wonder how to efficiently download YouTube Music videos as MP3 audios for offline streaming on a mobile device, tablet, or MP3 player. Any Video Converter Free is available to aid you. It is a free online video and music downloader that allows you to download music files or playlists from YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

Step 1 Click the drop-down icon beside the “Add URLs” option, and choose “Download Music Files“. Then go to and directly drag and drop a music playlist to the Add window.

Step 2 Click the “Start Download” button and this free tool will start to download YouTube Music songs to MP3 quickly. When completed, you can continue to add more YouTube Music links to download.

youtube music download

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Method 5. Online Convert YouTube Music to MP3

MP3FY is one of the most widely used online YouTube Music Downloaders available for downloading MP3 songs from YouTube. It is a website that allows you to convert YouTube links by simply copying and pasting them. Or you can also enter the letter “fy” between “youtube” and “.com”, you’ll be direct to the MP3FY download site as well.

Step 1 Directly go to “MP3FY” on your web browser.

Step 2 Go to and search for the music videos you would like to convert as MP3s.

Step 3 Simply copy and paste the URL to MP3FY, click “Convert“, “Confirm“, and choose “Download MP3“.

mp3fy youtube to mp3
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