Now, you have a better chance of having a real choice when it comes to high-speed fibre internet. Frontier now offers a nationwide symmetrical 5Gbps plan (i.e., 5Gbps for both uploads and downloads) in all of its fibre markets within the United States. The firm asserts that it is the first “major” service provider to accomplish this.

Your monthly cost will increase to $155 (including setup and a router) from the $210 you were paying before. If you frequently download large files or if multiple people in your household make heavy use of your internet connection, the investment may be worthwhile.

To take advantage of the increased speed without resorting to 10Gbps Ethernet, you’ll need a WiFi 6e router and devices that can take advantage of it, such as the Pixel 7 or 2023 MacBook Pro. If you’re looking to stream a 100-minute 8K movie, Frontier says it will take less than two minutes.

Depending on local competition, Frontier may or may not be the best option. For $180 per month, you can get AT&T’s 5Gbps plan, which has been available for a year. Only a select number of cities have access to Google Fiber’s 8Gbps service, which will cost $150 per month. However, Frontier has a good chance of outperforming cable providers. Comcast offers 6Gbps in some locations, but the $300/month price tag and asymmetric uploads make it impractical for most customers.

If 2Gbps service seemed pricey to you, the increased cost of 5Gbps may not be appealing. However, this deployment is indicative of a growing level of competition among providers of multi-gigabit internet. That’s great news for consumers, as it could mean better service and lower prices as different telecoms compete for their business.

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Internet 5000 on AT&T Fiber

Internet 5000 on AT&T Fiber

The flagship fibre internet service that AT&T has established is a bold marker. Internet 5000 costs less than 4 cents per Mbps at $180 per month for symmetrical 5Gbps speeds. That’s the lowest price we’ve seen for any plan, not just the best multi-gig internet plans, from any of the national providers CNET has covered so far. Ziply Fiber’s comparable speed tier, however, will set you back $300 monthly.

Customers also benefit from a price that won’t go up after a year, unlimited data, no need to sign a contract, and no recurring costs for things like modems. AT&T also gives you a free copy of their internet security software called AT&T Active Armor. While AT&T requires a one-time $99 installation fee, new customers can take advantage of numerous online promotions, such as the one offering a $150 gift card right now, that more than make up for the expense.

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Gigabit Internet Service via Google Fiber

Gigabit Internet Service via Google Fiber

In order to enter the multi-gigaverse, this is your best and cheapest option. Google Fiber’s 2 Gig plan features 2Gbps download and 1Gbps upload speed for $100 a month. That’s cheaper than any other provider’s 2Gbps offering and works out to 5 cents per Mbps. The Wi-Fi 6 hardware is provided at no extra cost, and there are no commitments or limits on the amount of data you can use.

Unfortunately, Google Fiber is still only offered in 12 cities across the United States at this time. The company plans to keep growing in 2023, but it won’t make a difference to anyone who doesn’t live in the states of Alabama, California, Georgia, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, or Utah, where its services are currently available.


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