According to recent reports, the dominant force in the world of technology, Google, is hard at work developing a new feature that will enable customers to use their Android phone as a USB webcam.

On the decentralised social media platform Mastodon, the member of the Esper team known as Mishaal Rahman posted the following: “Using an Android phone as a webcam became really popular during the pandemic, but in order to do so, you’ve typically needed to instal a third-party app.”

“However, it’s possible that you won’t need to do this in the future, as Google is adding support for transforming Android devices into USB webcams!”

He went on to say that “Android is adding a new ‘Device As Webcam’ service,” which will enable users to transform their Android device into a webcam.

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“Specifically, this refers to Android devices with kernel support for the standard UVC (USB video class) gadget mode,” he added. “The standard UVC gadget mode is used by USB cameras and other video capture devices.”Rahman claims that in order for the new functionality to be usable, the kernel of the Android device in question will need to be compiled with the ‘CONFIG USB CONFIGFS F UVCy’ flag.

In the meantime, it was reported a month ago that the tech giant was working on a new application programming interface (API) called “Bluetooth Distance Measurement.” This API will enable users to measure the distance between their smartphone and connected devices.

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