Here’s how to use our browser extension to get the best deals and extra resources when shopping on many of the web’s most popular retailer sites.

Since spring is coming up, you probably buy more things online than ever before. But how do you know if you’re getting the best price, whether you’re looking for a gift or just some everyday items? CNET Shopping is where it comes in.

This browser add-on used to be called PriceBlink, but it has recently joined the CNET family. After you install it, it goes with you when you shop at Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, and Target, to name a few of your favorite online stores, and makes sure you’re getting the best deal (among the stores we cover).

Three Ways to Save

Looking for Great Deals? Use CNET Shopping to Save Time and Money - CNET

Installing the CNET Shopping extension will give you three ways to save money while shopping online.

Price comparison: Once you’ve installed the extension, you can go to any major online store’s product page (like Amazon, Target, Walmart, etc.) and CNET Shopping will search the web right away for better deals. Even though it’s not perfect, it’s usually a great way to see how prices compare at the best online stores. You’ll know right away if you’re getting the best price or if you can move on to a competitor with a lower price.

Coupon finder:  Did you know that when you shop online, you might miss out on free discounts? With CNET Shopping installed, you’ll know right away about any relevant coupon codes that are available on the site you’re shopping on. This includes a scan of the checkout page to make sure that any possible final deals are still valid.

Price Tracking: Waiting for something to go on sale before you buy it? With the price tracker on CNET Shopping, you can do just that. On some products at supported retailers, you’ll see a “Add Price Alert” button (like the one below). Clicking this button will add that product to your personal list of things you want to keep an eye on. You can set up an alert to let you know when the price drops by a certain percentage so you can jump on the sale.

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