On Monday, some users found out that they could see the titles of other people’s chat histories. This caused ChatGPT to go offline and be temporarily inaccessible. People posted screenshots of their ChatGPT user interface on social networks like Reddit and Twitter.

The screenshots showed sidebars with chats that the people posting them said didn’t belong to them. Even though they could only see the titles of other people’s conversations and not the whole thing, the incident shows that you should be careful about what you share with or ask the chatbot.

ChatGPT briefly went offline after a bug revealed user chat histories

When OpenAI heard about these reports, a company representative told Bloomberg that the company temporarily turned off ChatGPT.

The problem seems to have been caused by a bug in an open-source piece of software that the company hasn’t named yet. OpenAI is still looking into the problem to find out exactly what caused it.

According to the company’s incident report, ChatGPT was shut down on Monday morning and the service was fully restored 10 hours later after a fix was rolled out. But as of the time this was written, chat histories are still not available.

OpenAI put a note in the sidebar saying the same thing and promising that it is “working to bring back this feature as soon as possible.” The company has not said when this feature will be fixed.

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