Since the Galaxy Watch 4 came out in 2021, Samsung’s Galaxy Watch line has been the best of Wear OS. Now, rumours are starting to spread about the company’s next generation. A previous rumour said that the Galaxy Watch 6 might have a bigger battery, and now a new leak shows exactly what you can expect to be better.

This year, the Galaxy Watch 6 series is likely to have four models, which is one more than the Galaxy Watch 5 series had last year. The “Classic” style, which has a rotating bezel and is slightly bigger than Samsung’s standard smartwatch, is rumoured to be coming back.

SamMobile says that a Chinese regulatory board has leaked listings for the Galaxy Watch 6 and the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic. Both watches come in two sizes: the Watch 6 comes in 40mm and 44mm, and the Classic model comes in 42mm and 46mm. There are sizes of batteries listed for each size, and these are their typical capacities:

  • Galaxy Watch 6 40mm: 300mAh
  • Galaxy Watch 6 Classic 42mm: 300mAh
  • Galaxy Watch 6 44mm: 425mAh
  • Galaxy Watch 6 Classic 46mm: 425mAh

Compared to the Galaxy Watch 5, this is about a 5% improvement on each model. Those who upgrade from the Galaxy Watch 4 to the Watch 6, on the other hand, will get a 20% improvement, which will have a big effect on battery life.

The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, on the other hand, had a 590mAh battery, so this would be a step down. No one knows yet if a Galaxy Watch 6 Pro with the same battery capacity is in the works or if Samsung will even use that name.

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