Apple fans have always chosen the MacBook Pro types as their favorite top-of-the-line notebook. Due to its lower specs and smaller screen size, the MacBook Air is always thought of as an entry-level computer.

Most of the time, if you want a better-performing MacBook, you have to buy the more expensive Pro model. Back when Intel was used, Apple only put some high-end processors in its Pro models. After Apple switched to its own M-series silicon chips, the speed of the MacBook Air caught up to that of the Pro models.

Now, you can get a powerful MacBook Air for the price of an entry-level laptop and get full pro-level speed. But there is one important thing that none of the MacBook Air computers have yet.

The screens on all MacBook Air computers are always smaller. Because of this, if you wanted a bigger screen, you would have to buy a pro model. Even better, if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a MacBook Pro, you could get a Windows machine instead.

Apple Is Planning to Launch a 15-Inch Macbook Air

Apple MacBook Air 15

Apple has also thought about making MacBook Air computers with bigger screens. So, if you were planning to buy a MacBook Pro just because it has a bigger screen, you can forget it. This year, Apple will make a new MacBook Air with a 15-inch screen. But people in the know say that the specs of this laptop won’t be very good.

The M2 chip from Apple was in the last version of the MacBook Air. We all thought that the 2023 version would have a lot of great improvements over the 2022 version.

Apple, on the other hand, has a very different plan. Sources who know a lot about the story say that the 15-inch MacBook Air will still have the same chip as the last version.

Also, the resolution of the screen on the new MacBook Air will be close to that of the current MacBook Pro. This new Air is also likely to have 8GB of RAM, which is something else to think about.

A few years ago, Apple was known for making sure that all of its new goods had the most up-to-date hardware and features. But this was changed by the Cupertino company. Only letting the pro models have the latest features, while the basic models stick to the specs of the last pro models.

What Apple did with the iPhone 14 series is a good example. The Bionic A15 chip that was used in the iPhone 13 series was still in the normal iPhone 14. The Pro versions were the only ones that had the latest A16 chip.

If that’s the case, it might not be too surprising that the next MacBook Air will use the same M2 chip as the current model. Apple’s new way of doing things goes well with the fact that this year’s Pro models are the only ones with the latest M3 chips.

Is the Macbook Air 15 2023 Worth Buying?

Apple MacBook Air 15

The 15-inch screen on the upcoming MacBook Air is worth every money. In fact, it would be better to buy this one instead of spending more money on the next pro model.

The M2 chip has a long time left before it goes out of date, and it has enough power to handle all of your jobs with ease. On top of the lower price, you also get a bigger screen this time around.

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