Grammarly announced today that it is (predictably) entering the generative AI competition. GrammarlyGo is an upcoming set of auto-composition features that will assist the AI proofreading software in keeping up with the growing number of businesses integrating the ChatGPT API (or other generative AI backends) into their products.

GrammarlyGo can determine its approach based on the context of your writing, including voice, style, intent, and location. So, for instance, it can generate email responses, shorten passages, rewrite them for tone and clarity, prompt brainstorming or selection, and all while adhering to your company’s voice or other provided context. In addition, because Grammarly’s desktop service can appear in any text field on your computer, its generative writing may be slightly more convenient than that of competitors (such as Notion or Gmail’s Smart Compose) that require you to visit an app or website. GrammarlyGo will be enabled by default for individuals, who can disable it in their settings.

Grammarly justifies the existence of the feature by stating that the writing of most people can be improved and accelerated. “Today’s individuals spend too much time attempting to communicate effectively, while poor communication saps business performance and productivity,” the company wrote in an announcement post. “GrammarlyGO will address this issue by rapidly generating highly relevant text based on an understanding of personal voice and brand style, context, and intent — saving individuals and businesses time while taking into account their specific requirements.” I don’t know what to make of a world where no one writes anything other than machine prompts, but that appears to be where we’re headed.

GrammarlyGo will be included at no additional cost with the Grammarly service. The company says the AI writing feature will soon be added to its Premium, Business, Education, and Developer plans, as well as free plans “in select markets.” In April, the GrammarlyGo beta will be released.

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