While the world is still waiting for Android 14 to enter the stable channel, it appears that Google is already working on Android 15, and we now have a name for the 15th major update from Google. Google has a tradition of naming Android versions after desserts. While the names used to be widely known, Google stopped doing so after Android 8 or 9, but the dessert names continued to be widely used internally. Now that we know that Android 13 is Tiramisu and Android 14 is Upside Down Cake, we also know what Android 15 will be called.

Google Has Decided to Call Android 15 “vanilla Ice Cream” While We Still Wait for Android 14 to Arrive on The Stable Channel

Mishaal Rahman revealed on Twitter that the name of the currently unannounced Android 15 is Vanilla Ice Cream. Google arranges the desserts in alphabetical order, so it is logical that Vanilla Ice Cream would be the best option.

Again, even Rahman noted that it is too early because we are still awaiting the beta release of Android 14, but it is encouraging to see that Google is hard at work. Due to the fact that it is too early to tell, it is also important to note that Google may abandon the idea entirely, but we must wait and see.

Whatever name Google has chosen for Android 15 at this point, it is evident that dessert names are no longer as popular as they once were. I recall calling Android 7.0 by its codename Nougat rather than its actual name, even though I am currently running Android 13 on my phone; for a long time, I had no idea what this version’s dessert-based codename is.

We do not yet know what will be new in Android 15 or the upcoming version of Android. We are aware that Android 12 and 13 focused heavily on customization, security, and privacy. Therefore, we are uncertain as to what the focus will be this time around.

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