You’re a member of my no Premium club if you’re interested in learning how to prevent YouTube advertisements on Android in 2022. I’ll list eight options for blocking YouTube advertisements in this article, including both free and paid options. Don’t hold yourself responsible for coming here.

In the second quarter of this year, YouTube ad revenue increased by 343 million dollars compared to the same period last year. There is no desire to reward such an attitude because YouTube is slowly turning into an AdTube. The platform encouraged the most popular bloggers to unrestrainedly monetize their work, which led to its video adverts getting out of control.

As a result, there is a strong mistrust of both the marketed products and YouTube itself that verges on outright hatred. The AdLock team conducted some solid research on ad-free YouTube viewing options in 2022 for Android-powered devices. Let’s go over each option to see which one works best for you.

How to Block Ads on YouTube with AdLock

How to Block Youtube Ads in Android

AdLock is a special all-in-one solution that completely disables advertisements on Android. It quietly removes ads from browsers, apps, games, messengers, and any other Android program while running in the background. You won’t even notice it at work; you’ll just get to enjoy the results. Check out how simple it is to disable YouTube advertising with our specially designed-ad blocker for Android:

  • Activate the built-in YouTube app.
  • Click the “Share” link next to the video.
  • Choose AdLock from the menu of choices.
  • In the AdLock player, the ad-free video will play, and you may choose the quality.

Another choice is to watch ad-free YouTube videos right in your preferred Android web browser, such as Chrome or Opera. Once AdLock is operational, it will complete all the jobs. Another tip: to make it easier to reach the YouTube browser version, add an icon to your home screen. Simply launch YouTube in your browser, select Options, then select Add to Home Screen.

The Best Android Apps for Blocking YouTube Ads

Without further ado, I give you the following list of the top ad-blocking programs:

1. AdLock:

How to Block Youtube Ads in Android

It should come as no surprise that a cross-platform solution would be the best option. When you can download one app and forget that headache, who would want to tweak any other services to make them ad-free?

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2. Getting a Premium subscription

The simplest approach for those lacking in inventiveness.

3. Getting a Premium Lite subscription

The simplest method for those who lack imagination, a love of music, or comfort.

4. Getting a Premium Lite subscription

Users who don’t need all of their bookmarks and links in one location or who don’t want to be a part of Google’s ecosystem may find this useful.

5. Using VPN

How to Block Youtube Ads in Android

This is a unique approach for really private users.

6. Using third-party tools to watch YouTube videos

The ideal method for those who enjoy trying out new applications.

7. Using modded YouTube apps

the selection of a true rebel. Downloading Videos from YouTube. After that, you might want to read about the YT5 virus.

Use an Ad-free Browser for Android

Do you also think that purchasing another Premium is a little extravagant? We’ve developed a different method for watching YouTube on Android without adverts that don’t cost a fortune. Actually, there is no investment needed for this method. We’re referring to utilizing a web browser without ads.

How to Block Youtube Ads in Android

By routing all traffic through their servers, ad-free browsers prevent users from being targeted by advertisers, unlike regular browser sessions. These kinds of apps are widely available on Google Play and other app stores, giving users a wide range of choices. According to SimilarWeb, the most dependable and well-liked browsers are:

  • Brave Browser (ranked #859 globally)
  • AVG Browser (10799th in the world)
  • The Tor Browser is ranked #17006 globally.
  • Ghostery Privacy Browser is ranked #199994 worldwide.

A number of features, including a tracker blocker, ad blocker, a built-in VPN, and Incognito mode are shared by all of them. These web browsers’ ad-blocking features are typically enough to let you watch YouTube content without being interrupted by commercials. On these browsers, ad-tracker-blocking features are typically accessible with a few touches.

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How to Block Youtube Ads in Android

Let’s use the Brave browser to demonstrate how to block YouTube advertisements on Android: Of course, there are also significant restrictions. These tools can only prevent ads within an active web browser session, therefore they cannot handle ads in Android games, apps, or the YouTube app.

Additionally, the majority of us already use a preferred browser that is loaded with bookmarks, saved passwords, add-ons, and other traces of personalization. You will have to start customizing everything again with an ad-free web browser and to be honest, none of them have as many customization options as standard web browsers.

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