In a phenomenon that has baffled astronomers for decades, NASA captured the moment when a piece of the sun’s northern pole broke off. An enormous filament of plasma, or electrified gas, is shown in a video erupting from the sun, severing in two, and finally reuniting to form a “vast polar vortex.”

Although researchers are baffled, they think the prominence is associated with the periodic reversal of the sun’s magnetic field. Space weather forecaster and Twitter user Tamitha Skov claimed the footage came from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory.

“Speaking of polar vortexes… In a tweet, Skov described the formation of a massive polar vortex around the north pole of our star, which was caused by material from a northern prominence separating from the main filament. This episode has perplexed scientists because unusual solar activity is only expected to occur near the sun’s 55 degree latitudes every 11 years.

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A prominence is a prominent outgrowth from the solar surface. Tears in filaments are not unprecedented, but never have they been this extensive. Colorado’s National Center for Atmospheric Research deputy director Scott McIntosh says scientists aren’t sure what caused this extremely rare occurrence.

US National Centre for Atmospheric Research solar physicist Scott McIntosh, who has been studying the Sun for decades, told that he had never seen a “vortex” like the one that formed when a fragment of the prominence broke off and was whipped into the solar atmosphere.

McIntosh is quoted as saying that he had never seen a “vortex” like the one that occurred when a piece of the prominence broke away and was whipped into the According to a quote attributed to McIntosh, he stated that he had never witnessed a “vortex” like the one that occurred as a result of a piece of the prominence breaking away and being whipped into the air.

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Space scientists are currently conducting an investigation into the strange occurrence in order to elucidate more information regarding it and present a picture that is more comprehensive. Even though our favourite star is being monitored around the clock, it is still able to surprise us with events such as the string of powerful flares that occurred earlier this month and caused communication problems on Earth. Even though our favourite star is being monitored around the clock, it still manages to surprise us.

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