Instagram can’t seem to stop moving the buttons around on the main screen. The social media site has changed its mind about the layout once again after an update this time last year moved the Reels button to the centre of the bottom tab.

The notifications tab has been replaced by the Reels tab, and the new post button has been moved to its original location in the middle of the bottom tab. A lot of people are upset about the changes, and it’s not hard to see why: the whole thing is confusing.

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Users are complaining that they keep activating Reels by accident since it was moved to the spot where the notifications button used to be. A few have even hypothesised that Instagram is trying to boost interest in their shorter-form videos with this shift.

The notifications tab is now located at the very top, to the left of the direct messages tab. Although the reasoning behind the move is unclear, it does make sense to group Direct Messages and Notifications together since they are the only two buttons on the Instagram home screen to have red badges. There is still some adjustment necessary before we can put failures in the past.

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Instagram has previously announced that the live shopping feature will be turned off on March 16. The company has justified the decision by saying that it will allow them to concentrate on other, more important features. As of that date, stores will no longer be able to tag items for sale during streaming broadcasts. The news came after yet another recent change to the home screen layout eliminated the shopping tab.

The “Notifications” tab seems to have disappeared.

The "Notifications" tab seems to have disappeared.

The Notification button has been relocated to the top right, next to the icon for private messages. Some users are complaining about the latest update to the app, despite the fact that the change was made for their benefit.

Some users thought the’reels’ button, which had replaced the ‘notification’ button, was the correct one to press. For a while, it was difficult to figure out what was going on, but eventually, many people became frustrated and took to other forms of social media to vent their feelings of anxiety and disappointment.

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