The public can now try out a new version of Microsoft’s Teams app for Windows.

The update focuses on speed and performance. According to the company, the “app launch” and “join meeting” features now run twice as fast and use half as much memory as they did in classic Teams.

Microsoft also made it easier to find information, manage messages, organize channels, and navigate through notifications with fewer clicks. No longer do you have to deal with confusing bottom-up conversations and a lot of buttons?

Naturally, the new Teams(Opens in a new window) has AI, including features like intelligence recap and Copilot that were already announced.

Microsoft Teams

Jeff Teper, president of Microsoft’s collaborative apps and platforms, says, “We will use AI to make working together easier by keeping you up to date on what happened before you joined a meeting or chat and answering your questions right in the middle of the conversation.” “We’re just starting to see what AI can do in Teams, and in the future we’ll have a lot more to share.”

“Later this year” is when it will be available to everyone, including Mac and web users. In the meantime, Windows users are encouraged to turn on the public preview by clicking the Try the new Teams button in the top-left corner of the desktop app.

Keep in mind, though, that while the new version already has many of the old features, others, like call queues, breakout rooms, and channel announcements, are still being built.

Teper says, “We are far from done optimizing the performance of new Teams.” “As the world changes, Teams is here to give you a modern place to work.”

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