Radio host Tom Joyner was the latest target of an online celebrity death hoax. There was confusion after a website reported the death of a Hollywood assistant director with the same name. Many people on the internet apparently confused this Joyner with the more well-known radio host and mourned his passing. Tom Joyner (Morning Show) is 73 years old and still going strong.

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Tom Joyner, a radio host, has been the subject of death rumours recently.

Fake reports of a celebrity’s death typically begin with less prominent media outlets. However, after prominent news outlets such as Deadline reported Tom Joyner’s death, rumours began to circulate. The headlines were unequivocal, but readers were misinformed, thinking the popular radio host had died.

However, the rumour was debunked after careful review of the news and a comprehensive fact check across other sources. The real victim was a well-known actor and assistant director by the same name. People on social media had to tell the two Tom Joyners apart, the white one and the black one.

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A Look at Tom Joyner’s Wealth

According to the numbers we pulled together from a variety of credible sources, Tom Joyner will have amassed $40 million by the year 2022. Our calculation is projected through the year 2022. His salary in his activities based on his prehistoric career and a few extra talents is also factored into the estimated total. His wealth may rise or fall over time, and if there is a significant change in the forecast, we will reflect that here. We also speculate that Tom Joyner may have chosen investment options that would have doubled his returns, thereby increasing his Networth.

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Tom Joyner’s wife

Radio host Tom Joyner and Oscar Joyner, or “Killer” and “Thriller,” are Thomas Sr. and Dora Joyner’s son and daughter. After separating from his first wife in June 2000, he wed celebrity aerobics instructor and fitness guru Donna Richardson in July of that year. As of May of 2012, the couple was no longer together.

Joyner, an advocate for voter registration, regularly promotes it on the radio, online, and during his live “Sky Shows” broadcasts throughout the year. Joyner organises “Take a Loved One to the Doctor Day” twice a year, in April and September. On that day, he organises his family and friends to get checkups in order to head off and treat any potential health problems.

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