Chucky, take a back seat! A new killer doll has been released. We’ll refer to her as M3GAN, which stands for “model 3 generative android.” She’ll be your best friend as a parent and your child’s best friend as a friend. The lifelike doll is a technological marvel, with the ability to listen, watch, and learn on the fly to better interact with the child she has been bonded with.

But what if the AI goes rogue and starts wreaking havoc in the name of protecting its master? Gerard Johnstone’s cheesy horror film, based on a story by Akela Cooper and James Wan, humorously explores this theme. M3GAN is a great time at the movies because it manages to mix heart and humour into a story that features numerous gory murders.

Allison Williams stars as Gemma, a brilliant roboticist whose ambitions at work often get her in trouble with her intolerable boss David, in the film Get Out (Ronny Chieng). When Gemma’s niece Cady (Violet McGraw), age eight, is left an orphan after a tragic accident, she is forced to put her own life on hold to care for her.

Given the demanding nature of parenting, Gemma focuses her efforts on her latest creation, M3GAN, in an effort to avoid her responsibilities while still providing Cady with a safety net. Cady must find a way to permanently deactivate M3GAN in order to avoid unthinkable consequences when the AI begins to take her job of protecting her from physical and emotional harm to extremes.

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The latest horror film from Blumhouse has all the ingredients to become a modern classic. Like the Child’s Play series, M3GAN can provide thrills and kills for a new generation of horror fans thanks to its gory sequences, witty but funny dialogue, great musical moments, and willingness to lean heavily into full-on camp.

 One could have guessed that the film would include these elements and scenes just by watching the trailers. But the film’s narrative is what makes it worth seeing in theatres. M3GAN is the kind of film to which one would go for the story and stay for the fun that is guaranteed throughout, with its focus on grief and its impact on children and the effects of people’s reliance on technology.

A film like M3GAN has its own unique aesthetic value. It’s not just a fun watch; it also provides insightful commentary on serious issues in engaging fashion. For as long as cinema has been around, themes of loss and technological advancement have persisted. However, the skill with which Cooper and Wan have integrated them into this horror film should not be underestimated.

It’s the delicate juggling act of incorporating new elements with established ones, keeping things interesting while sticking to tried-and-true themes, and keeping the laughs coming even when the film goes full-on schlock. Perhaps it shouldn’t come as a surprise considering the duo’s previous feature, Malignant, also shocked audiences in 2021. Nonetheless, the achievement is remarkable.

Cooper writes an intriguing script about a young child’s grief and how it transforms into dependence and fixation on an inanimate object through McGraw’s Cady. Trying to distract themselves from their sadness, a child may become overly preoccupied with technological devices, just as adults may do. Violet McGraw gives a stellar performance throughout the film, helping to achieve this goal.

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She gives a convincing performance of a wide range of complex emotions, from anger and anxiety to deep sadness and frustration. M3GAN’s effective creepiness is brought to the scene by Amie Donald, who provides movement, and Jenna Davis, who provides the voice. Dolls can be very sweet and very unsettling, as evidenced by their performances.

M3GAN is a fun time at the movies thanks to its excellent scares, stellar performances, and interesting plot. The script by Akela Cooper does an excellent job of moving the story forward by showing how the characters deal with loss, trauma, and change in fascinating ways. Whenever the film isn’t focused on gratuitous violence, the story is engaging and fast-paced enough to hold the attention of the audience and function as a complete work.

The existence of the film’s titular character is intriguing, and as a result, audiences can look forward to a thrilling horror film that makes the most of its charming and acting leads, its campy sequences, and its fun uses of music. Seeing a film like this with a large group of people is highly recommended.

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