Wendy and Marty return to their hotel room in Episode 9 to ponder what they’ve just witnessed (Ruth killing Javi). Wendy questions Marty about why he prioritizes everyone else over his family, and he tells her that he’s desperate to be the “nice guy.” Marty disagrees, and the two dispute about what happened and how it happened. Marty admits that their crimes have devastated Ruth’s entire family. He’s tired of his hands being stained with blood. Wendy brings up how he understood more about this life than she did. But Marty’s admission was telling: he’s becoming conscious of his own conduct. He’s beginning to understand how they got here.

Marty tries to haggle with his wife, asking “how much is enough,” but she maintains they had it five hours ago and that he tossed it away. Wendy doesn’t want to give up unless it’s really necessary. “Have some f*****g trust,” she advises. Wendy tries to meet Clare the next day at work, but she is instructed to “go home.” It’s easy to assume that the Byrde family is about to run out of alternatives.


Mel informs Helen’s husband Gene that his wife worked for a drug cartel, which explains why she has vanished (or, in cartel terminology, died). Erin interrupts their talk and advises them not to gather any more information because engaging with the cartel will be deadly. Mel, on the other hand, does not believe Helen’s death occurred in Mexico and is looking for proof. Erin begs her father to let go of the situation, and Gene agrees. Erin had a good idea; remain as far away as possible.

Ozark Season 4 Episode 9

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The FBI pays Wendy and Marty a visit, but they are unable to locate Javi, so the Byrde family is unable to reach an agreement. They warn them that Javi’s death has put them in a difficult situation, and that if they testify against Omar Navarro, the FBI will provide them witness protection. Wendy proposes that they extradite Omar Navarro and reinstate him as the cartel’s leader so that they can continue to be valued assets. In order to pull strings, the FBI requires proof of power and money from Omar Navarro. Wendy has a massive burden on her hands in Episode 9. Following this ordeal, Marty informs Agent Maya that Javi has died, and he reminds her of their agreement: family protection in exchange for 18 months in prison. Maya is taken aback and tells Marty to leave her office.

Cast of Ozark Season 4

Many known faces will return in Season 4 Part 2, while others will not. Sheriff John Nix (Robert C. Treveiler), Frank Cosgrove Sr. (John Bedford Lloyd), Darlene Snell (Lisa Emery), and Wyatt Langmore all died in Part 1. (Charlie Tahan).

The remainder of the important players are still on the board, as far as the survivors are concerned. Jason Bateman as Marty Byrde and Laura Linney as Wendy Byrde will return in Part 2, as will their children Charlotte and Jonah, played by Sofia Hublitz and Skylar Gaertner, respectively.

After her cousin Wyatt’s death, tensions between Julia Garner’s Ruth Langmore and the Byrdes are at an all-time high, and she still has a major role to play in her vendetta against the cartel. Despite their history, she can count Joseph Sikora’s Frank Cosgrove Jr. as an ally, thus we’ll probably see him again.

After arresting Felix Solis’ Omar Navarro, Jessica Frances Dukes’ Special Agent Maya Miller appears to have some unfinished business as well.

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In terms of cartel members, Navarro is in prison, but his nephew Javier Elizonndro (Alfonso Herrera) is in command of the entire operation and has even negotiated a deal with the FBI. Bruno Bichir, who played Navarro’s priest, also made it through the season. In season 4, Herrera and Solis were both series regulars, while Bichir appeared in a recurring role, thus they’ll all be back in part 2.


Following the failure of a money laundering scheme for a Mexican drug gang, financial advisor Marty Byrde attempts to make amends by offering to set up a larger laundering operation in central Missouri’s Lake of the Ozarks region. Marty relocates his family from the Chicago suburb of Naperville to Osage Beach, Missouri, a rural summer vacation hamlet. The Byrdes become enmeshed with local criminals, particularly the Langmore and Snell families, and later the Kansas City Mafia, when they arrive in Missouri.

Trailer for Ozark Season 4

Ozark’s season 4 part 2 trailer is now available in its entirety. Ruth shooting Javi Elizonndro twice in the chest is undoubtedly the most talked-about incident. Is the freshly anointed criminal boss truly dead — and would a trailer really reflect that? It’s possible that it’s a dream scene or that Javi just survives his injuries.

However, for the rest of the video, it appears that he is indeed dead, and Marty Byrde travels to Mexico to reestablish order. Another serious difficulty in the Byrdes’ marriage is beginning to emerge. When Marty sympathizes with Ruth, pointing out that her family is no longer alive because she met them, Wendy responds, “Why do you choose everyone else above your family?”

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Before the debut trailer, a teaser trailer was also released. We see Navarro in jail, Javi seeming thrilled about something, Veronica Falcón as Navarro’s sister (and Javi’s mother) Camilla for the first time… and Ruth pondering a pistol in the film.

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