Supergaming’s Indus, a mobile battle royale game, has just released a first look at its gameplay. The game is extremely popular in India. The video displays an array of weapons, equipment, and consumables that will be available in this “Indo-futuristic” battle royale, which fuses elements of Indian culture with a futuristic twist.

At first glance, it’s easy to tell that Indus is heavily influenced by Indian culture, from the music to the mechanics. Read on, and don’t forget to pass along, as SuperGaming has just released a gameplay trailer for their Made-In-India take on the battle royale genre, Indus.

The trailer for Indus reveals that, despite the characters’ eccentric art design, they don’t actually have any special abilities. A representative from SuperGaming said that Indus isn’t a class-based hero shooter like Overwatch or Valorant, but that this would be changing in the near future. They promised that “sometime after the launch, players will definitely get to see our own interesting take on augmenting players with some special abilities on the plains of Virlok.

” Still, I can see why characters like Sir-Taj would be popular picks, what with his narrow hitbox and unique character design (he has the dome of the Taj Mahal for a head). For those of you who aren’t familiar with Hindi, “sir” means “head”; it’s a clever play on words. The elephant-like Big Gaj also makes an appearance; he’s a formidable opponent on the field.

You can see in the trailer that Indus will support both first- and third-person views at launch, with the latter switching to first-person shooter mode while aiming down sights. Like other battle royale games, players will face an ever-closing wall, and future plans include skill-based matchmaking and a ranking system. If Indus can’t get enough players to join the servers in time, we’ll add bots or AI foes. At launch, Indus will only support individual queues; team-based play will be added at a later date.

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Made in India’s Battle Royale Game Indus Finally Gets a Gameplay Trailer With the help of SuperGaming:

Made in India's Battle Royale Game Indus Finally Gets a Gameplay Trailer With the help of SuperGaming:

While at first glance Indus may seem like just another popular battle royale game like Apex Legends, a closer look at the game’s lore may reveal some interesting differences. Supergaming’s mobile battle royale Indus has received its first-ever gameplay trailer.

After a string of successful mergers and acquisitions, the company released this video in major London theatres. This is not the first time Supergaming has used this method of advertising; on India’s 73rd Independence Day, the trailer for Indus was unveiled in New York City’s Times Square (15 August 2022).

In the beginning of the trailer, we hear a mashup of Indian classical music and hip hop, with a beat reminiscent of dubstep. Aadam and Adya, as well as Sar-Taj and Big-Taj, are introduced here. The graphics have a vibrant Indian flavour, and the architecture blends Indian tradition with futuristic flair.

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More about Indus.

Let’s take a moment to review the people involved in making the trailer for the game before we go any further. Like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) and Fortnite, Indus is a “battle royale” game. Typically, a player will parachute down to a “Map” where they will engage in combat in order to win the game and claim the ultimate prize.

Paragons are our take on character skins, and as a Mythwalker, this is your first look at the Indo-futuristic battlefield of Virlok in the Indus game. In order to fight across the “mysterious and exotic landmarks on Virlok,” the trailer hints at a wide variety of weapons, equipment, and consumables.

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