In Gotham Knights, you can battle crime while exploring an open Gotham City, but there are some crucial tasks that you should do before you start playing. Once the tutorials are over, there are a number of methods to increase the Batfamily’s crime-fighting skills while also enhancing your entire gaming experience.

1. Unlock Knighthood

Each character in the game starts off with three skill trees from which to choose, including Robin, Batgirl, Nightwing, and Red Hood. You can access a character’s fourth skill tree, which is frequently the most helpful one, once Knighthood is unlocked for them. Stick with whichever character you enjoy the best until you unlock Knighthood, at the very least, as each character’s Knighthood must be unlocked separately.

5 Things to Do First in Gotham Knights - An Action Role-Playing Game!

After you’ve concluded your first night of patrolling Gotham Knights, the Knighthood Challenges that display on the Batcomputer must be completed in order to unlock knighthood. These tasks will require more than one night to complete because some of them require you to prevent premeditated crimes, which must first be found through criminal interrogations on one night before being prevented on another night.

Gaining Knighthood also gives you access to Heroic Mobility abilities, which will make moving around Gotham City much simpler. In addition to the grappling hook that each Knight already possesses, these additional methods of aerial mobility also include short-range teleports, gliding, and unique platforms.

2. Complete Momentum Ability Tasks

When the momentum meter is full, combatants can employ unique moves known as Momentum Abilities. Each Knight has a special set of Momentum Abilities, including a super ability that may be unlocked but has a cooldown. Focus on finishing any outstanding Momentum Ability challenges that can be found in the Challenges tab of the Batcomputer menu once you’ve gained Knighthood.

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5 Things to Do First in Gotham Knights - An Action Role-Playing Game!

These jobs will first appear in the game one by one as you go. Even while attempting to earn Knighthood, you can finish them as they appear to progressively open up more combat possibilities for your character. There is no reason not to do the tasks whenever you can, especially as they are generally combat-focused tests like eliminating a set amount of a particular opponent type. Momentum Abilities will make fights much simpler.

3. Do Tutorials in the Belfry

The Batfamily’s primary operational hub, The Belfry, houses a comprehensive augmented reality training facility with a set of courses. While teaching you the most crucial elements of Gotham Knights fighting, the tutorials will reward you with XP. This may sound a little uninteresting. On the left side of the room, adjacent to the practice dummy, is the training area.

5 Things to Do First in Gotham Knights - An Action Role-Playing Game!

Complete all of the courses to gain knowledge of practical advice, such as how to interview prisoners in order to obtain clues for premeditated crimes or how to utilize smoke bombs with Robin to escape difficult brawls. You’ll ultimately make your way to the training area whether you want to be there or not because some tutorials are required.

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4. Unlock Fast Travel

You won’t always want to use the Batcycle to go around Gotham City or jump from rooftop to rooftop. Here, rapid transit becomes important. If you choose not to complete the missions necessary to acquire rapid travel alternatives, this is something that is simple to miss.

Speak with Lucius Fox to start drone-related missions in order to unlock rapid travel. To acquire fast travel as soon as possible, you can complete all drone missions in a single night. Although these missions aren’t particularly interesting or exciting,

5 Things to Do First in Gotham Knights - An Action Role-Playing Game!

if you finish them, you’ll have access to eight locations via quick travel. Simply scan a few tagged drones that are dispersed throughout the city. Make progress in the main tale until Alfred tells you to meet up with Lucius because you’ll encounter him around Case File 2.1.

5. Fight Crime and Interrogate Criminals

During your first several nights on duty, fight crime as much as you can. This advice might seem self-evident, but preventing crime gives you XP, resources, and chances to fulfill Momentum and Knighthood challenges, while interrogations provide you access to new ways to stop crime. You are only allowed to combat a certain number of crimes per night in Gotham Knights, so once you’ve reached that number, you’ll need to head back to the Belfry to switch to the next day.

Therefore, it’s crucial that you don’t waste time by neglecting to question adversaries or by only resolving minor, opportunistic crimes. Premeditated crimes are fixed, although there is a maximum amount of crimes that can be solved in each of Gotham City’s 11 main neighborhoods each night.

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5 Things to Do First in Gotham Knights - An Action Role-Playing Game!

To quickly reach your crimefighting quota, complete all of the premeditated crimes (unlocked by questioning criminals from the previous night), then keep questioning and battling criminals until the purple circles encircling the white triangles vanish from the map. If all of the purple circles and white triangles are gone, the area has been cleared for the night because they signify the presence of criminal activity.

Avoid calling it a night before all crimes that can be stopped have been committed. If you’re working through this list of suggestions and aren’t sure which member of the Batfamily you want to devote the most time to, you can receive a fast overview of each character’s abilities by reading our guide on which character to choose.

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