Over the course of Street Fighter’s history, Zangief’s moveset and tools have been modified and altered significantly, and it seems he’ll be cooking up something new the next time we see him.

Capcom has just released new footage of Russian grappler Zangief as he will appear in Street Fighter 6, revealing new uses for his lariat special and Super Art 1.

Zangief finally has an Overdrive (EX) version of his Double Lariat, which can be Super-canceled into his level 2 Cyclone Lariat. This is a major surprise.

According to our knowledge, this is the first time the developers have given him an EX lariat, which has a number of new usage implications.

Due to the fact that Double Lariat is typically executed by pressing all three punch buttons, the move’s Overdrive will have to do something different, such as using motions, only two punches, or a combination of punches and kicks.

SF6 Director Takayuki Nakayama confirmed Aerial Russian Slam is the name of Zangief’s level 1 Super, which appears to be both an anti-air and an extension of his level 2 Super.

The new footage demonstrates that Cyclone Lariat has two distinct variants. The first trailer depicted him striking a pose and throwing Honda to the ground.

According to Nakayama (as translated by our own Nicholas ‘MajinTenshinhan’ Taylor), if the player holds down the button after activating the Super, Gief will continue to spin and launch the opponent.

With Zangief’s level 1 Super being an anti-air grab, it is possible that the grappler has no other true reversals besides his level 3 command grab, unless they give OD Double Lariat those properties.

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