Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, announced on Tuesday that your Instagram story can now have up to five links. He did this in an Instagram post. “Probably one of the most-requested features we’ve ever had,” he wrote.

You can add links by editing your profile in the mobile app. You can give them titles and change the order in which they show.

But if you add more than one link, people who visit your page will still have to click through a message that says “[Your first link] and 1 other” to see the list of links.

Instagram takes on Linktree and others with support for up to 5 'links in  bio' | TechCrunch

That means that if you have more than one link on your Instagram page or already use a “Link in bio” service like Linktree, people will always have to click an extra time to see your links.

Still, it’s a useful tool that Instagram has built in, and it could make the platform more appealing to people who are looking for a new home after Elon Musk bought Twitter.

Meta seems to have been inspired by Twitter to start rolling out paid verification, but at least Meta’s version has benefits like direct access to customer help instead of the shame of Twitter Blue.

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