Paying with your phone is easier than ever. We can use touchscreens to make in-store purchases, pay back generous friends, and transfer money abroad with mobile wallet services and pay by phone apps. Debit and credit cards challenged cash, but now phone payments are competing.

Apps for e-commerce are popular. Swipe, an e-commerce app created by two Irish 20-year-olds, is worth $9.2 billion. Competition is fierce in the currency transaction app market. With so many apps and features, it’s hard to choose the best smartphone payment method. Popsocket on your smartphone? you’re planning to buy one? Popsocket placement can be tricky.

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The term “Venmo” is now commonly used as a verb. Any college student will eventually use the phrase “Venmo me 5 bucks for drinks” or “I’ll Venmo you back later” to pay for alcohol. It’s no surprise that this app has become the standard for money transfers among today’s youth. It’s not only user-friendly but also has a social component. An individual who shows some creativity in the way they annotate their payments may be perceived as more refined. The public feed will display your description, so feel free to show off your emoji placement skills.



While many people no longer carry cash, some may instead use Square Cash. As with their previous app, “buying stuff on credit at the farmer’s market,” this one is gaining users quickly. However, Square Cash may be simpler to use than Venmo, despite being much smaller in user base.

If you don’t want your money sitting in the app, you can use the “Auto Cash Out” feature to have it sent directly to your bank account. On the other hand, the Cash App only displays your own transaction history. Although it lacks the mini-money social network of Venmo, its clean interface and user-friendly features could sway you to switch. Try both and see which one serves you better.

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Even if you never go to Google Play, you can be sure that Google has an app for whatever you need. You can bet your last dollar that they offer money transfers, given how deeply they are woven into your every online interaction. Similarly to how money can be transferred via Venmo and Square Cash.

Google Wallet allows you to do so via email or phone number. Recipients are notified via email and must go through an identity verification process before receiving the funds. Those interested can give it a try, but it may be quicker to use one of the other mobile payment apps.


Can you name friends all over the world who you’ve met on your travels? ingenious currency exchanges powered by the crowd You can save as much as eight times as much money using TransferWise as compared to using a bank to make international money transfers.

This seemingly complex financial maneuver is actually quite straightforward: when you send money abroad, it stays in the same country where it was originally received. Local funds are used to distribute your deposit within the recipient’s country. TransferWise’s app is a usability dream, allowing you to send money across the world in a matter of minutes.

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You can now make transfers without visiting a branch or using an ATM, as most major banks have their own mobile apps. Most Americans can take care of their regular banking needs with one of the many banking apps available in the United States. This includes Chase, Bank of America, and many others. Some even allow you to cash cheques by taking a picture of them.

Right now, Chase has the best-reviewed mobile app among major financial institutions. If you have an iPhone, you can use Touch ID to log in to the Chase app, which will greatly improve the security of your mobile payments.


Square is the matriarch of card reader dongles, much like PayPal is the patriarch of online peer-to-peer payments. You can use your iOS device as a cash register by plugging a tiny card reader into the headphone jack. Square, which processes tens of millions of dollars daily, has expanded into entirely cardless payments, letting customers pay by checking in with the Square Wallet app when they visit a business. The Square point-of-sale system allows the cashier to simply verify the customer’s identity before processing the payment.

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Users can pay at local businesses by scanning a QR code displayed on their mobile device, thanks to this mobile payment platform. LevelUp not only streamlines the payment process for both consumers and businesses, but also provides a number of incentive programs to encourage continued patronage. First-time customers of a store can get special deals, and repeat customers can earn money back after a certain amount of purchases.



Samsung Pay, which is currently only compatible with Android devices, enables users to store their payment information on their phones and then use them to make purchases in-store. The widespread availability of Samsung Pay is one of its most distinctive features.

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TabbedOut was designed with the bar and restaurant patron in mind; it supports mobile payments at participating businesses and has many other useful functions. You can check your bill as it accumulates in real time (useful for avoiding sticker shock after a few glasses of wine), round up to the nearest dollar, split the check with your dining companions, and pay all within the app. With the announcement of their partnership with Google Wallet in 2013, the company was able to incorporate their services into the mobile app.

10. GYFT

If you’ve been looking for an app, here it is. Gyft allows you to upload physical gift cards and manage them from your mobile device. Your aunt’s $25 Barnes & Noble gift card will never go missing from your wallet again. You can use your phone to make in-store purchases, check your balance, and send and receive gift cards.

There have been many shifts in the mobile wallet space, and many companies in the space have emerged and disappeared. The landscape is becoming more competitive as the industry develops and adopts new technologies and as more and more consumers rely on mobile payment applications for all of their payment needs.


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