Damus, a decentralised “Twitter killer” app, is now available in the Apple App Store. After what it says were at least three rejections from the Big Tech player, the Damus team confirmed the approval to its 11,500 Twitter followers on January 31.

Shortly after, Jack Dorsey, co-founder of Twitter and contributor to Nostr, tweeted the news to his 6.5 million followers and called it a “milestone moment” for open-source protocols.

Nostr is a decentralised network that enables encrypted end-to-end private messaging and other features, and this app boasts that it is the “social network you control.”

Its long-term goal is to become a social media site where users can post whatever they like. Bitcoin transactions can be processed automatically.

The network is client-based and is not hosted on any servers. Instead of relying on a central hub, Nostr uses distributed relays to spread its messages. Additionally, Nostr’s developers are working on securing the Damus app from DDoS spam attacks using Bitcoin and the Lightning Network.

In this sense, the Bitcoin ecosystem is analogous. By using asymmetric encryption, a Bitcoin transaction guarantees that only the intended recipient can “decrypt” the funds and use them in a subsequent transaction. Although Bitcoin has developed beyond Nostr’s send-to-public-key dynamic, the underlying concept is still the same.

The Nostr protocol is still in its infancy, so the project is focused on a small subset of users. While Bitcoin has been around for 14 years, it has still not been widely adopted around the world, and Nostr has only a fraction of Bitcoin’s track record. Despite this, the technology shows promise because it is a censorship-resistant, permissionless communications protocol that is accessible to all. Since Damus is now available on the App Store, Nostr can be used by a much larger audience.

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