Following the conclusion of the Battle for Olympus event in Overwatch 2, Blizzard has revealed the “winning” character and secured a monument that will be permanently put on the Illios Ruins arena area. With almost 43,461,573 kills during the entire tournament, Junker Queen has been proclaimed the champion of the event, which may not come as a surprise to anyone who has been paying attention. However, there is thunder on the horizon.

Despite the fact that Junker Queen’s victory was not unexpected, some players are already claiming that the competition was rigged in her favour.

The controversy surrounding the winner of Battle for Olympus began a week ago, when Blizzard disclosed that they had improperly tallied the points. Since the event was a free-for-all deathmatch in which points were counted by Final Blow rather than total eliminations, Final Blow was used to calculate the score.

As a result, the scoring numbers were significantly adjusted, and a subsequent adjustment harmed one character in particular. In recent days, Overwatch gamers discovered that Environmental Kills in the game did not qualify as Final Blows in the event. This meant that Lucio characters who “booped” opponents off the map and secured a kill did not have any of their Environmental Kills counted toward the total.

As a response, one player said, “Rigged for not counting environmental kills.” “We chadpoles are justifiably furious (along with pharaoh mains),” Someone else added, “When you manipulate the results because you don’t want to create a new statue for Lucio.” One person commented, “Lucio is the real winner, and you know it; environmental kills should have been tallied!”

However, several users pointed out that the asset for a statue of the Junker Queen already existed, making her victory even more dubious. One user stated, “Definitely already constructed the junker statue and just gave her the best equipment to ensure she wins.” Another player, considering the number of players who chose other characters, commented, “Man, the two individuals I ever saw playing Queen must have been putting in a lot of work.”

Blizzard’s announcement tweet has a peculiar phrase, which is noteworthy for Lucio and Pharah players. Blizzard’s tweet confirms who would receive a statue by stating, “The winner of the first annual Battle for Olympus,” which implies, at least in part, that Battle for Olympus will return next year.

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