Microsoft has recently announced a brand new Bing that will revolutionise web searching and is powered by technology very similar to ChatGPT. According to the company, the new Bing will be powered by a “more powerful than ChatGPT and customised specifically for search” OpenAI large language model. Bing, Microsoft’s new artificial intelligence-powered search engine, is designed to directly compete with Google. Nonetheless, Microsoft has indicated that its explorations into artificial intelligence will continue.

According to reports, Microsoft plans to add AI to its other products soon. Since quite some time, rumours have circulated that Microsoft intends to release AI-enhanced variants of these tools. But the latest buzz is that the same could occur as soon as next month.

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Microsoft will soon release versions of Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook that incorporate artificial intelligence.

Microsoft will soon release versions of Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook that incorporate artificial intelligence.

The Verge states that Microsoft is getting ready to unveil how ChatGPT-like technology will revolutionise its Office apps. According to The Verge’s sources, the company will likely announce these plans in March and will showcase them within the next couple of weeks.

The Information previously reported that GPT models are being tested to improve users’ writing in Microsoft Word and to suggest e-mail replies in Microsoft Outlook. But there has been no official word as of yet.

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Current Applications of OpenAI Technology at Microsoft

Current Applications of OpenAI Technology at Microsoft

Microsoft is currently utilising OpenAI’s cloud services in tools that enable users to generate text, code, and imagery by following simple instructions and training machine-learning models with data from the internet.

Microsoft has integrated OpenAI’s technologies into some of its business customer apps. As part of its Azure server and compute-power renting business, the company provides GPT-3 and Dall-E 2 to enterprise customers.

Microsoft introduced its subscription service Copilot in June 2022; it makes use of OpenAI’s tools to facilitate the automatic generation of code for programmers. It seems like the next step in OpenAI and Microsoft’s partnership will involve integrating with Bing, which raises a number of concerns given the potential for these models to generate offensive or inaccurate results.

Not even Google, with all its AI expertise, has introduced a chatbot like ChatGPT. Microsoft’s assurance that incorporating ChatGPT into Bing search will not compromise users’ faith in the company or their opinion of it begs the question: how exactly do they plan to accomplish this?

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Enhanced efficiency with Microsoft Office thanks to new features powered by ChatGPT

Enhanced efficiency with Microsoft Office thanks to new features powered by ChatGPT

Interestingly, Microsoft thinks its artificial intelligence (AI) technology is light years ahead of Google’s. Internally, several Microsoft executives are positive that their company is years ahead of Google in artificial intelligence (AI) thanks to Bing and its soon-to-be integrated productivity apps. “But they’re also wary, warning workers to keep an eye out for competitors trying to disrupt their productivity businesses in the same way Microsoft is trying to disrupt Google’s search business,” The Verge reported.

Microsoft’s efforts to update its Office productivity suite include the addition of ChatGPT-like features to Word, Outlook, and PowerPoint. These enhancements are meant to facilitate quicker and more effective work from employees. To what extent do you believe the latest AI tools will improve your efficiency? Share your thoughts down below.

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