iPad Pro 12.9 Full Review: Apple’s tablet division has had a busy few weeks with the release of a new entry-level iPad (with beautiful Pro aesthetics) and the updated, incredibly powerful iPad Pro. You can read our complete review of the iPad 2022 here, but if you’re looking for a device with incredible power, a new Apple Pencil, and a huge screen, keep reading because you won’t be dissatisfied.

Apple has crammed its incredibly excellent M2 processor inside its top-tier tablet, and it can give a 15% increase in CPU performance and a 35% increase in graphics speed. The M1-powered iPad Pro from a year ago was already absurdly quick, but this improvement raises the bar significantly.

Apple’s most recent Pro laptops are powered by the same M2 chip, so we can assure you that nothing you can hurl at this machine will cause it any concern. The Pro is a complete joy to use and easily handles graphics-intensive gaming, 4K video editing, and high-resolution photo retouching.

iPad Pro M2 2022 Review

It does seem a little bit excessive to put the M2 chip inside a tablet, but we don’t believe anyone who purchases this product will complain about having too much power. Along with that adjustment beneath the hood, hover mode has also made some great improvements to the 12.9-inch XDR Retina display and Apple Pencil pen.

In essence, this allows you to see your pencil’s exact location on the panel without having to touch it. It’s a fantastic addition because it allows for more accurate writing, sketching, and illustrating. For aspiring artists, there is even a way to observe how watercolors mix before beginning to put paint on paper. You can even preview your mark before you make it.

Packing the M2 Chip Inside a Tablet

The fastest M2 chip and the updated Apple Pencil are the only significant changes made to the iPad Pro; other than that, not much has changed. It’s difficult to find complaints with the newest iPad Pro, despite the fact that the design hasn’t changed and there aren’t any other glitzy new features like MagSafe charging or additional USB-C connections.

iPad Pro M2 2022 Review

The Retina XDR panel makes colors jump on the 12.9-inch mini-LED display, and the blacks appear opulent and lush. The only tablets in Apple’s range with fast ProMotion technology are these Pro versions, and once you experience the silky-smooth 120Hz screen, you won’t want to use anything else.

When you put on a movie, the four stereo speakers start spewing out some serious sound and epic quantities of bass, so it’s not only the display that sings. The fact that Apple was able to produce such rich sound from such a tiny device is quite amazing.

The Pro should last the distance whether you’re going out for the day or on a lengthy flight, as early results from our tests indicate a respectable amount of battery life. In addition, unlike the most recent iPhones, Apple still includes a charger in the box. If you possess a MacBook, you can also use the iPad’s more potent plug to charge it more quickly.

iPad Pro M2 2022 Review

For those purchasing the cellular edition, other features worth mentioning include 5G mobile data connectivity and the iPad Pro’s full compliance with Wi-Fi 6E technology, which provides faster downloads at home. The front-facing camera still has the great Centre Stage feature, which utilizes AI to intelligently pan and zoom to keep people in the frame during video conversations.

The rear camera shoots adequate photos. It is unfortunate that this camera hasn’t been placed on the tablet’s long edge because talking on the iPad in landscape mode still feels a little odd. It costs £1,249 for the 12.9-inch with 128GB of storage, but that price does not include cellular service.

It costs £1,249 for the 12.9-inch with 128GB of storage

The Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro is still a fantastic add-on for anyone looking for a laptop-like experience. But now that Apple has put a keyboard with complete function keys to the entry-level iPad, it’s a shame that they haven’t done the same for the Pro’s more expensive cover.

iPad Pro M2 2022 Review

Last but not least, the new Pro comes with iPadOS 16 already installed, which enhances messaging, adds more email functions, launches the new Weather app for these tablets, and makes multitasking on the display feel more like a MacBook.

The Stage Manager function, which not only makes it simpler to navigate between apps but also provides the capability to share the display on another monitor for a desktop-style experience, is also fully accessible to owners thanks to the M2 chip.

Even with iPadOS 16 and a quick M2 processor, we won’t be giving up our MacBook because the iPad still doesn’t provide the same level of freedom and capability as a laptop. And that brings us beautifully to the cost of this equipment, as it is surely not inexpensive.

iPad Pro M2 2022 Review

The 12.9-inch model with 128GB of storage costs £1,249, but that price does not include mobile data, the £139 Apple Pencil, or the £379 Magic Keyboard. You’ll be charged £3,197 if you put the fully loaded 2TB Pro and all of those gleaming accessories in your shopping cart. Ouch! You could purchase the amazing MacBook Pro 16-inch with that money and still have a change in your wallet.

iPad Pro 12.9-inch 2022: Final verdict

The 2022 reboot of the iPad Pro merely improves what was a fantastic product and makes it the best tablet money can buy. No matter how hard you push the new Pro, you won’t be disappointed because it has the M2 chip, which makes it an amazing beast.

The new display also has the innovative hover feature, and iPadOS 16‘s other good enhancements like enhanced messaging and Stage Manager are also included. Similar to its predecessor, it has excellent speakers, a long battery life, a premium design, and quick charging.

Yes, it’s unfortunate that the design hasn’t changed, that the FaceTime camera is still placed in an awkward spot, and that it is absurdly pricey. Additionally, we would have loved it if Apple had upgraded the Magic Keyboard with MagSafe charging, additional color options, and function keys. The iPad Pro is the ideal option for individuals who don’t care about cost and want the best tablet available.

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