Opera is completely committed to artificial intelligence. This week, the business announced its intention to integrate generative AI capabilities into its web browser, beginning with “Shorten,” a tool that will employ ChatGPT to generate summaries of articles and web pages. When the tool becomes publicly accessible, a new icon will appear to the right of the address bar. Tapping it will open a sidebar containing a bulleted summary of the page you are currently seeing.

Opera‘s vice president of marketing and communications, Jan Standel, told The Verge that Shorten will begin to roll out to users “very soon.” The company is developing more AI-powered capabilities that it claims would “enhance” the Opera experience, but did not specify what these enhancements will include.

Shorten was announced in the same week that Microsoft announced it was redesigning Edge to include a “AI-powered copilot.” The company’s new Prometheus model is capable of summarising online pages. Google said last week that it is developing Bard, an AI chatbot powered by its LaMDA platform. The timing of the releases shows that Opera and Microsoft view generative AI as a means of challenging Google’s browser market dominance. However, it remains to be seen whether individuals actually abandon Chrome as a result of these additions.

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