Nintendo and Illumination have released a new 30-second commercial for the Super Mario Bros. Movie that recreates the Super Mario Bros. Super Show! The cartoon’s theme song dates dated 1989.

You may watch Mario & Luigi rap and even visit a themed website for Super Mario Bros. Plumbing to discover more about their “family-owned and managed” Brooklyn and Queens-based firm. In addition to an “About Us” part and traditional references in customer feedback, the website has an “About Us” section. Opening the manhole cover on the homepage will also reveal a free background.

In addition, there is a page displaying “Error 404” with warp pipes and a page seeking a dispatcher, bookkeeper, marketing manager, and driver. Lastly, the website encourages followers in the United States to “phone or SMS” the following number: 929-55-MARIO.

If you call, you’ll hear a voice message from Luigi (played by Charlie Day in the film), and if you text, you’ll be directed to a community page where you can sign up to receive special updates.

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