Never before have big tech companies been so eager to make a better search engine or chatbot. In fact, they are doing everything they can to stop the ChatGPT and get people to move away from it. Some of the big companies made quick decisions and got on board, which brought them close to what OpenAI was offering.

Microsoft’s Bing Chat is an example of this. Still, there are still a lot of people who are trying to catch up. One of them would be Google. Yes, it did finally show off its answer to OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which is called Bard, last month. And as soon as it got off to a bad start, it started getting blamed. It is said that Google used information from OpenAI’s technology to make its generative AI!

Google Bard Accused of Using CHATGPT’s Technology without Permission

Google Bard AI

Google Bard is made up of training data and machine learning models, just like any other generative AI model. Google’s Language Model for Dialogue Applications was used for machine language models (LaMDA). But that’s how the chatbot’s language works. There are a lot of free and open-source libraries that AI researchers can use to get training data.

But there’s a good chance that Google hasn’t gone through them all. That is, the information that was available to the public probably wasn’t enough to come up with Bard. In fact, The Information says that Google has used the ChatGPT data that OpenAI made available to the public through ShareGPT.

At the heart of the data are the answers from ChatGPT, and on the website, you can even share the answers from the OpenAI chatbot. And these accusations don’t just pop up out of nowhere. Jacob Devlin, who worked on AI at Google, left the company after telling the top executives that using the data from ChatGPT would be against OpenAI’s terms of service.

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The same researcher, Devlin, who used to work at Google is now at OpenAI. He was also worried about what would happen next. That is, if Google used the information from ChatGPT, Bard would answer questions in the same way as OpenAI’s chatbot. The report also said some other things that were scary.

It says that Google told the DeepMind team to work with the Brain team on a project. The main goal of the collaboration was to start a new project, which is called “Gemini” inside the company.

Google’s Response

Did Google Use ChatGPT's Data to Train Bard? Here's What Google Answered -

So, those are some pretty bad things said about Google. And, of course, if Bard used the data from ChatGPT without permission from OpenAI, he would have to deal with a lot of bad things. Well, Google spoke up with an answer.

Google told WinFuture what they thought about the matter in a statement. It says that Bard did not use data from ChatGPT to train with. To be exact, the statement says something like, “Bard is not trained on data from ShareGPT or ChatGPT.” Several other publications are also contacting Google about the matter, but not many are getting responses.

The truth is that Google is currently walking a tightrope between not making enough progress and having ethical concerns. Google even seems to have “messed up” the launch of Bard by moving up the date. At least, that’s what the Google employee thought when Bard was rushed to compete with ChatGPT.

Business Insider had said before that Sundar Pichai had asked Google employees to work up to four hours longer to fix the few problems with its own ChatGPT competitor.

But right now, it’s still not clear if Google used the information from ChatGPT to train bard. There’s a chance that Google used it before Bard was released. Even so, it’s not clear if Bard is still using any of that training information. But so far, Google has denied every accusation that has been made against it.

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