Greetings, and welcome to the Review. Numerous websites provide simple and straightforward online moneymaking opportunities. There are several websites that ask users to earn money using social media.

According to the website, “SocialDM is an online community with over 10 million affiliates from all over the world who are committed to having their opinions heard by completing surveys. It has made a stir on all social media platforms! Our affiliates are compensated for sharing their unique invitation URL.

The work provided by this website is quite straightforward. Simply register to receive a $40 sign-up bonus. The next phase is to attract additional visitors to our website and earn $15 for each new visitor.

Specifications of Website

Website Url
Company Address NA
Company Name NA
Company Phone No. NA
Email Address NA
Social Media NA
Reviews Negative Reviews
SSL Certificate Valid
Domain Age Very Young Website

Is Socialdm a Scam? or Legit?

After investigating the website, it was discovered that all of its claims are false. This proves that Socialdm is a fraudulent website. Socialdm’s operations and methodology are comparable to those of all other websites mentioned in the Scocial Media Influencer Category.

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Red Flags People Must Check On Socialdm

A. Easy Work and Task

Scammers offer easy jobs and duties on purpose. Many individuals fall prey to this temptation. Globally, people are actively seeking online employment. Websites such as Socialdm optimise their websites for these search searches.

Scams always target those who earn effortlessly, since rumours circulate online claiming people in their twenties earn six figures or more. People simply trust such tales and fall prey to con artists.

Work offered on Socialdm consists of social media link sharing. This practise is known as referral work. Here, new members bring further individuals to the site to perform the same tasks, i.e. they bring more people. It is not a novel means of defrauding individuals. It is a common tactic employed by fraudulent sites.

B. Sign-up bonus

Socialdm, like numerous other sites (described previously), offers an enrollment bonus. Swindlers can attract victims not just by promising simple chores, but also by providing things for nothing. Therefore, every fraudulent website provides a sign-up bonus that is never paid out.

C. Zero Transparency

Socialdm’s website offers to provide opportunities to make substantial income. In essence, they are providing employment to the entire planet.

They want members to disclose their information while they are singing to them. However, they reveal nothing about their owner or company.

No information has been disclosed regarding any individual. This website, like many others, has not been managed by the company’s owner. They have also protected their information in WHOIS records, creating an additional degree of secrecy. Never trust a website that does not employ multilayer encryption.

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D. Duplicate Content

The content utilised on the website Socialdm is not original, but rather duplicate. Duplicate material is a characteristic of fake websites. Genuine businesses reuse the same material and build multiple, but identical, false websites.

Using any of the free internet tools for detecting plagiarism, anyone can examine the originality of a piece of writing.

E. Fake Testimonials or User Review

The reviews found on the Socialdm website are fictitious. The same people with identical reviews can be seen on multiple websites.

Websites that post their own reviews are invariably discovered to be fraudulent. We examined the text and user reviews and discovered that they were identical.

F. Referral Scheme Misuse

Referral methods are not inherently negative. In essence, it functions as an affiliate programme. The referral programme does not function as described on the Socialdm website.

According to this website, all you need to do is share the link to make money and attract additional visitors. To offer a referral programme, a website or business must sell a product or service.

For example, Uber gives its members a referral bonus for bringing in new customers. Uber has a taxi service to sell, thus they require more and more salespeople. Socialdm has nothing to sell; new members will have the same responsibilities, i.e. attracting new visitors to the website.

In addition, this massive corporation (Uber) offers roughly $5 in referral bonuses. However, Socialdm’s price of $15 is too much for any firm to offer. This demonstrates that Socialdm’s business strategy is unsustainable.

Swindlers’ sole purpose is to entice and exploit the ignorance of their victims.

Pros Cons
This website offers “get your money back” friendly payment methods The identity of the owner of the website is hidden on WHOIS
The SSL certificate is valid The server of the site has several low reviewed other websites
Registrar of this website is popular amongst scammers
This website is young but a lot of traffic
This webshop offers anonymous payment methods.
This website has been reported as a possible scam on Scamadviser
Zero Security Measures
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