My Studying The popularity of manga (Japanese comics) has increased during the past several years. However, what are Manga and which should you read if you’re interested? This article will discuss the many sorts of Manga and its positive and negative qualities. Check it out, whether you’re a novice or an expert reader!

What is Manga?

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Manga is a Japanese comic book and graphic novel medium consisting of sequentially illustrated panels on paper, occasionally in colour. Manga is frequently characterised by its artistic style, such as shnen manga (aimed at boys), seinen manga (aimed at young men), and josei manga (aimed at women) (aimed at women).

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What Are the Different Types of Manga?

MyReadingManga is a Japanese comic book genre that often combines manga-style illustrations and panels with brief narratives. Manga can be entertaining because to its art, narrative, and occasional humour, but it can also be instructional or informative. There are numerous varieties of Manga, each with its own own style and appeal. This guide describes the many forms of Manga and provides examples of their most popular works.

Shonen Manga

Shonen manga () is the most popular type of Manga in Japan, and it is also one of the most popular genres in America. Shonen manga often shows young characters attempting to gain life experience and overcome obstacles. These individuals are frequently surrounded by vivid, action-packed worlds of their imagination. Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Attack on Titan, Pokémon Go!, Kingdom Hearts, and Dragon Ball Z are well-known shonen manga series.

Josei Manga

Josei () manga is a type of Manga predominantly intended for female readers. These cartoons frequently involve serious topics such as feminism and bullying, and centre on female relationships. Toriko, Kill La Kill, Nana Mizuki’s Glass Mask series, Monogatari Series Second Season (commonly known as Bakemonogatari), Kimi no Na Wa (Your Lie in April), and Golden Time are popular josei manga series.

What Are the Good and Bad Things About My Reading Manga?

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Manga can be excellent or bad. It depends entirely on the reader and what they are seeking. Manga can be used to amuse, educate, and transport the reader to another world. Here are some positive and negative aspects of Manga:

Some individuals believe that Manga is an adult-only form of art. They believe that the illustrations are too simplistic and the narrative need to be more intricate to appeal to small children. Others, however, believe that Manga is a fantastic method for exposing children to diverse cultures and religions.

Also, manga can be addictive. Some individuals read complete series in a single sitting because the tale is so captivating. Others, though, discover that they must put it down and sleep longer because they are too absorbed reading.

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How Can I Find Good Manga to Read?

Manga is a fantastic method to escape reality and immerse oneself in a new universe. Not all Manga, however, are made equal. This article will explore the many sorts of Manga and its positive and negative qualities.

Manga must first and foremost have quality artwork. It should be drawn with precision and fluidity in mind. If the artwork is of high quality, the reader’s experience will be enhanced.

The plot is also a crucial component. Manga should have a captivating plot that holds your attention until the very end. While there are MANY Manga with poor storylines, there are also MANY with decent stories but not outstanding ones. It is a matter of personal preference the books you choose to read.

The characters must also be well-written for the reading experience to be entertaining. They must be likeable and relatable such that the reader feels like they know them at the end of the novel. While some manga lacks character development, others do it quite effectively without detracting from the enjoyment of reading.

Overall, these are the characteristics that distinguish a good manga from a bad one. This article should have provided you with some pointers for selecting your next book.


In this essay, I recommend five manga series that every reader should sample at least once. These programmes are diverse in numerous aspects and may be appreciated by everybody, regardless of their preferred genre. Whether you are a manga novice or a manga aficionado, I hope you find something to your liking on this list!


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