People who wanted to start killing the queen of Succubi early had to wait longer than expected. When many players logged on to the Diablo 4 beta servers today, they found long wait times and error codes that kept them from jumping into the ARPG.

The early access beta started today for people who pre-ordered the full game or got a code by eating Kentucky Fried Chicken. The open beta will start next weekend for anyone who wants to start their adventures early.

Diablo 4: December 2022 Screenshots

But many players had to wait a long time to log in, got error codes, and had other problems.

When players had to wait for more than an hour, they went on Twitter to warn their fellow demon-slayers and make fun of the situation.

Even in the afternoon, the servers are still too busy and there are still long wait times. Recently, the official Diablo Twitter account said about the problems, “We know about the problems with Open Beta Early Access that cause long wait times and server disconnects. The team is controlling how many people can join the game at once until we can fix the connection problems completely.”

On Blizzard’s website, players can find out about known problems and how to fix them.

Before, Blizzard told players to expect wait times and told them not to leave the queue even if they were still stuck on a waiting screen after the queue timer ran out:

“During Early Access Beta Weekend, users may have to wait in line to log in to Diablo IV. Please keep in mind that the countdown may end before the time on the queue timer is up. DO NOT leave the line, because that will make the line start over. For Open Beta Weekend, we’ll have timers that are more accurate.”

The Blizzard forums, on the other hand, are full of people posting about their problems and frustrations. For example, there is a thread of console players who have been kicked from the queue after waiting the full amount of time.

Betas, which are sometimes used as stress tests before a full release, often have wait times and server problems. This is especially true for games that are as highly anticipated as the next game in Blizzard’s long-running ARPG series.

Still, waiting is never a good feeling. Let’s hope the problems get fixed soon so I can start putting together my army of undead necromancers. Check out the first 17 minutes of Diablo IV’s beta for more information.

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