Meta Mega Leak

Meta claimed it caught the Quest 3 leaker, correct? Oh well.

Another week, another Meta leak: According to an internal roadmap, Quest 3, which will be released later this year, will be significantly smaller, faster, and more expensive than Meta Quest 2 and will, like Quest Pro, emphasise mixed reality.

In reference to the Quest Pro, Meta’s official price for the current XR headset has plummeted from $1,500 to $1,000 since its fall release.

Meta’s leak also revealed for the first time unofficial Quest 2 sales data: the company has sold approximately 20 million units of the VR headset, making it the most successful VR headset ever.

However, sales figures are meaningless without a count of active users. If the leak is any indication, Meta is struggling to maintain consumer interest in VR. One former VR evangelist estimates that only ten percent of users remain. Even in Horizon, Meta’s social VR world, only one or one in ten users reportedly return.

Xiaomi Unveils AR Headset

A trade show visitor tries out the new forehead pad of the Vive XR Elite VR headset with a surprised look on his face.

Xiaomi unveiled at MWC 2023 a lightweight augmented reality (AR) headset with an integrated micro-OLED colour display, gesture control, and VR mode. Xiaomi has released some information about the Wireless AR Glass Discovery Edition via a blog post and a video, but the product’s full specifications are not yet available. Currently, the device is a prototype.

Pimax Receives $30 million

For several years, Chinese manufacturer Pimax has supplied PC VR enthusiasts with high-end VR headsets, the majority of which have a distinct USP, such as a wide field of view. A Chinese venture capitalist has now provided the company with a $30 million investment. The funds will be used to expand its portfolio of VR devices, including the Pimax Crystal.

The Vive XR Elite becomes an open-build augmented reality (AR) video headset.
HTC debuted new comfort options for the Vive XR Elite, Viverse Business, a broadcast bundle for the Vive Mars CamTrack, and a new 5G streaming solution at MWC 2023.

The “MR Face Gasket” replaces the thin VR headset’s light shield with a small pad on the forehead. According to HTC, this merges the real world in your peripheral vision with what you see on the screen, making the XR Elite more comparable to a HoloLens-style augmented reality (AR) headset. Obviously, you are still viewing opaque displays and not the environment directly, as with open AR headsets.

How Does The NeRF Benefit XR?

NeRFs (Neural Radiance Field) is a new graphics technology powered by artificial intelligence that can rapidly convert real-world objects and spaces into photo-realistic virtual objects and spaces. Thus, NeRF technology provides a solution to the problem of recreating real objects in a virtual digital environment that end users can employ directly.

A Product Is Hallucinated by ChatGPT.

Imagine you own a business in which customers purchase a product you do not sell because they were misled by an artificial intelligence. This is precisely what transpired with OpenCage, a German company that, according to ChatGPT, sells an API that can convert a cell phone number into the location of a phone. But it doesn’t. The result is dissatisfied customers.

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