The 7 February solution to Wordle 598 is: This is probably how you’ll feel about today’s puzzle. You’ll figure it out and identify the first three letters within the first two or three guesses, but the final letter will elude you until the very end.

It’s all right. Putting together the pieces is the puzzle, not you. There are a couple of letters in the word “sneakily” that people don’t typically guess, making it a challenge to figure out what the word means. There’s no sense in taking a chance if your winning streak is too long. We hope that the Wordle clues and hints we provide will help you feel more at ease as you try to figure out the solution. If those don’t work, keep reading down for the answer.

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Today’s Wordle Hints (February 7th )

Many players resort to using hints when they’re within their last few attempts of the day but don’t want to risk losing their streak. Players will get a good idea of how to solve the problem without having it spoiled for them by these hints. You can find the answer to the Wordle puzzle for February 7 below.

  • a fruit that can be eaten and has a skin that is either red, green, or yellow
  • logo of Apple Inc., the iPhone’s manufacturer
  • Fruit that landed on Newton’s noggin

If you want to solve today’s puzzle, you’ll need to come up with a set of words that will reveal the location of the repeating letter. They can figure out the correct position of most letters by using the word MAPLE, AMPLE, or DUPLE, for instance. Using the above information, players should be able to finish today’s Wordle puzzle using APPLE.

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