The final expansion for the Sword and Shield series of the Pokemon Trading Card Game, Crown Zenith, has been officially released and can now be purchased from local dealers and your go-to stores.

You can’t deny that some of the best-looking cards in the Crown Zenith expansion are reprints or alternate art versions of previously released Pokemon cards, and that some of these reprints are quite potent in their own right. In this piece, we’ll examine the Crown Zenith expansion for the Pokemon Trading Card Game and see which cards are simply too stunning to pass up.

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Cynthia’s Ambition – Galarian Gallery 

Cynthia's Ambition - Galarian Gallery 

The quality of the artwork on a Pokemon card can significantly affect its value. There are also cases where a card’s rarity or utility warrants special treatment. All of these needs are met by Cynthia’s Ambition. Since her introduction in the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl series, Cynthia has become a fan favorite, making this card highly sought after.

Suicune V – Galarian Gallery


Suicune V - Galarian Gallery

It’s true that all three Legendary Dogs can be found in Crown Zenith, but the ultra-rare Suicune V is the best of the bunch. Artwork for Suicine V was done by Atsushi Furusawa, and the game’s high price tag stems from the poignancy of its lonesome, forlorn aesthetic as well as its enjoyable playability.

The two Pokémon share a lot of similarities in their attacks, so it can easily be used in decks that also include Origin Forme Palkia VSTAR. Having it in your Active Spot also allows you to draw a card, giving you an advantage in the form of cards over your opponent, thanks to its ability, Fleet-Footed.

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Irida – Galarian Gallery

Irida - Galarian Gallery

The Galarian Gallery ultra rare version of Irida is highly sought after because it is among the best Trainer cards from Crown Zenith. This card’s inspiration, Irida of the Pearl Clan, offers nothing but card value. Permitting you to find a Pokemon of the Water type and an Item card in your deck and put them both into your hand.

Origin Forme Dialga VSTAR (Secret) – Galarian Gallery

Origin Forme Dialga VSTAR (Secret) - Galarian Gallery

The Origin Forme Dialga VSTAR secret rare from Crown Zenith is the polar opposite of Palkia but also works together with her for a common goal. It has equally impressive artwork and an absurd amount of power. As a VSTAR Power, Star Chronos allows you to take an extra turn after your current one ends and deal substantial damage.

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Arceus VSTAR (Secret) – Galarian Gallery

Arceus VSTAR (Secret) - Galarian Gallery

The artwork on this secret rare from the Galarian Gallery lends credence to the legend that Arceus created not only the Sinnoh region, but possibly the whole world. Collectors and players alike will want to get their hands on Arceus VSTAR due to its incredible power in the trading card game. Its VSTAR Power allows you to draw two cards from your deck, and its powerful ability boosts the speed of your other V Pokemon.


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