November, ahh. a month marked by chilly weather, cozy family get-togethers, and scorching doorbuster sales. The eclectic ideas included in this month’s independent lineup include self-discovery through mask collection, overconfident adventurers on a big boat, and lo-fi bleats to stir up trouble.

You don’t have to worry about spending a Thursday night camped out in front of any brick-and-mortar retailer’s doors because they are all accessible for download at PlayStation Store. So give thanks, chow down on some delectable fare, and cuddle up with some fresh indies.

Sable hits PlayStation on November 29

Additionally, we have a noteworthy announcement for Thanksgiving: on November 29th, the critically acclaimed independent adventure Sable will finally launch on PlayStation! For more information on this and the other books featured this month, continue reading.

Goat Simulator 3

It’s time to assume the role of one of the coolest caprine around and intentionally cause all sorts of crazy issues. This sequel to the infamous Goat Simulator causes significant mayhem on the vacation island of San Angora and beyond. You and up to three other goat players can engage in the wildest barnyard shenanigans in this spacious, vibrant sandbox.

Control cars, find weaponry, don the wackiest and silliest attire, join a hidden club of goats, and do whatever you can to irritate the humans. There are also carnival games, land sharks, and yoga somewhere in there. Boys, what are you going to do?

Ship of Fools

Who the hell would embark on a voyage during the worst storm ever? The stupidity of this kind. The Great Lighthouse that previously guarded the islands of the Archipelago has been demolished in the novel Ship of Fools, and the Aquapolypse is rapidly approaching.

You and a friend must make things right. Grab a friend and jump on board for a frantic co-op game that combines tower defense and rogue-lite aspects as you control the cannons to ward off threats from the deep.

When you’re not busy taming fierce enemies from deep below, you’ll explore uncharted territory and (hopefully) scavenge for plentiful treasure. And do not worry lone sailors, you too can lead your ship directly into the eye of the storm. Just make an effort to avoid living true to the game’s name.

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The Witch Knight

The majority of us believe that the fantasy archetypes of the knight and witch are inherently antagonistic and doomed to death fights, much like oil and water. What if they were both the same character, though? The protagonist of The Knight Witch, Rayne, demonstrates how well witchcraft and bravery may complement one another.

Team17 presents... The Knight Witch | Coming soon! - Team17 Digital LTD - The Spirit Of Independent Games

Additionally, the gameplay is a delightful fusion of genres: Rayne will soar through a vast maze of treasures and dangers to fight the golem army that is invading Dungeonidas, engaging enemies with her tactical magic card deck and her action-based knightly powers in classic shoot-em-up fashion. The Knight Witch is a post-holiday feast for lovers of 2D action games of all skill levels thanks to its selections, modifications, and accessibility choices.


A young woman embarks on the traditional coming-of-age ritual trek of her tribe in a beautiful world of boundless desert sands, towering sandstone pillars, and fanciful human construction. Her goal is to locate, obtain, and settle on a mask that will determine her course in life.

As you travel the regions in your glider, you will come across many odd sites and individuals. Interacting with people is a necessary part of self-discovery; listening to their experiences, fulfilling their requests, and earning badges and masks as rewards.

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The expansive, enigmatic open world of Sable and the at-your-own-pace gameplay make for a soothing and stimulating journey. Additionally, Japanese Breakfast’s excellent soundtrack contributes to the unique mood. What mask will you wear at the end of the day?

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