Yesterday, Gotham Knights received its first substantial post-launch patch for PC. The update sought to eliminate various problems and correct issues with online multiplayer. Unfortunately, it also momentarily disabled the Denuvo DRM security measures on the Batman video game, making it appear to be open to piracy.

One method to surprise them is to do that. The troubled co-op adventure’s PC patch was released last night, and it didn’t take long for game crackers to notice that Denuvo was missing from the freshly released build on Steam. The information started to spread via websites like the CrackWatch subreddit, and some people even started to think that Warner Bros.

had deliberately removed the DRM. It didn’t. A new build that had the Denuvo anti-tamper security back in place was released approximately 14 hours later, according to SteamDB logs, but obviously, the damage had already been done.

Gotham Knights Abandoned Its Anti-Piracy Protection Temporarily.

The loot-based brawler’s multiplayer mode is unlikely to be playable by those using the newly pirate-accessible version of Gotham Knights, and pirates won’t be able to take advantage of upcoming patch repairs or content updates.

However, they will likely be given free rein over the single-player campaign at this point. Kotaku contacted Warner Bros. for a response. Some PC users find Denuvo protection objectionable because it restricts how they can store and play games.

It’s also widely accepted that using it has a detrimental impact on how well PC games run. After a game launches, the DRM is frequently removed by the game publishers, especially if and when it is ultimately “cracked” by hackers. It isn’t frequently dropped and then picked up by mistake.

Gotham Knights Abandoned Its Anti-Piracy Protection Temporarily!

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The greater problem with Gotham Knights is that it’s just not that good, especially for a game that’s been in production for a while, is among the first $70 new-gen exclusives, and is obviously influenced by the far superior Arkham trilogy of Batman games.

Warner Bros. Montréal has promised a much larger performance boost in the near future, however, it is unclear what new content it may have in store down the road. The PS5 and Xbox Series X/S framerate reductions will be addressed in that patch, which is also geared toward consoles.

Gotham Knights Abandoned Its Anti-Piracy Protection Temporarily!

Gotham Knights are controversially restricted to 30 frames per second on consoles, but it frequently drops below that threshold during specific scenarios and when patrolling Gotham in the presence of enormous enemy hordes. However, there are a lot of performance difficulties on PCs as well, according to Digital Foundry. Hopefully, they will also be addressed.

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