Please “be courteous” of fans who don’t want to see the plot ahead of time, the developers are requesting of everyone. Even though the release date of one of the year’s greatest PlayStation games, God of War Ragnarök, isn’t until November 9, YouTube and social media sites have been inundated with clips showing people playing the full game in the previous day.

We published a similar story last week, but it was much less significant. Some game reviewers unintentionally revealed their photos, and while some of them might have hinted at upcoming events, most of them were just really attractive.

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But this is the entirety of the game being available more than a week before release.  The game is thought to have leaked when a US store, with its stock already on hand, unintentionally began selling copies early.  This kind of news story is nothing new; it happens all the time. Naturally, the director, Cory Barlog, is a little let down: Santa Monica Studio,

the game’s developers have issued a statement asking everyone to be considerate of fans who don’t want the game to be spoiled and, more practically, for those fans to try and stay off much of the internet for the next week given how simple it is to stumble upon footage at the moment (some YouTube videos have already received millions of views):

As we get closer to launch, it’s critical for our studio to protect God of War Ragnarök’s experience for gamers who want to play it for the first time without being spoiled. We kindly ask that you refrain from releasing any footage, gameplay,

or plot spoilers so as not to inconvenience the many fans who do not want to unintentionally view them. We are making every effort to minimize the dissemination of unauthorized videos and screenshots, but we can’t possibly be everywhere at once.

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We strongly encourage you to mute any hashtags or keywords related to the game until launch day if you do not want to take the chance of seeing anything before launch. We can’t express how grateful we are for your support. When the game is published in less than two weeks on November 9th, we can tell you that it will be worth the wait to play it for yourself.

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