In Resident Evil 4 Remake, one special agent goes up against hundreds of violent cultists and the monsters they have made from parasites. Leon needs all the help he can get, and the Merchant gives him most of it in the form of weapons that can be upgraded. You probably won’t be able to buy every weapon, though, especially not on your first playthrough.

If you can’t decide on a loadout that will cut through Los Illuminados’ minions, try one of the weapons below. We’ve tried them all, and these are the best of the best!

10 Striker

Resident Evil 4 remake weapons – the best guns to use | The Loadout

It’s important to have a shotgun in your arsenal from the start of the game. Their close-range firepower is strong enough to kill most Ganados in one shot and do a lot of damage to elite enemies. The Striker, which you can get near the end of the game, uses its weapon type to its fullest in close quarters.

The Striker does a lot of damage but has a wide area of effect, which makes it hard to use but great in certain situations. At point-blank range, it almost always kills normal enemies. It also does a great job of sweeping a room, hitting multiple targets in a wide arc from a medium distance to hurt and (ideally) stun them.


How to get TMP Resident Evil 4 Remake The Compact Machine Pistol - YouTube

The TMP is the only submachine gun you can get for a long time in the game, so it’s pretty much a must-buy. Ammo for an SMG is hard to find, and since it fires so quickly, it’s easy to run out quickly. But if you only use the TMP when you have to, it will save you in a pinch.

Whether you need to get rid of several enemies at once or fill a Brute or Gigante with as much lead as possible, the TMP does chip damage that adds up quickly. Make sure to get the attachable TMP Stock to reduce the gun’s recoil. Every bullet that misses is a waste.

8. Fighting Knife

10 Best Weapons In Resident Evil 4 Remake_18183NewGames

Even though Leon’s knife isn’t as reliable as it was in the first game, it’s still the most important weapon you have because it lets you get out of grabs and kill people without being seen. You’ll spend most of the game switching between Leon’s Combat Knife and any temporary knives you find.

But once you beat Krauser at the end of Chapter 14, the melee game will never be the same again. Krauser’s Fighting Knife takes up more space in your inventory, but it’s much better than the starter knife. Even before it gets any upgrades, the Fighting Knife does more damage than the Combat Knife. Once it has all of its upgrades and an Exclusive Upgrade Ticket, it can even kill bosses if used correctly.

7 Killer7

Resident Evil Remake: The best guns to upgrade first - Polygon

Magnums aren’t as useful as they were in the first game, mostly because their ammo is so hard to find. Since Magnums are rarely used, they are often kept in storage for a long time to save space. But you should make an exception for the Killer7, especially if you can save up enough gunpowder to make some extra bullets for it.

The Killer7 already has a laser sight built in, which gives it a deadly combination of accuracy and damage. Use it to kill Iron Maidens in one shot after they mutate, or use a few well-placed shots to wear down a boss’s health quickly.

6 LE-5

RE4 Remake | LE 5 - How To Get & Upgrades Cost | Resident Evil 4 Remake - GameWith

To get the LE-5, you’ll need steel nerves because it’s in a small freezer with a dangerous Regenerator. Since you have to go into the freezer to finish the game, the short detour to get this amazing SMG is well worth it.

The LE-5 needs a lot of work to reach its full potential. Before upgrades, it has very slow reload times, which hold it back. But once it’s fully upgraded, it turns Leon Kennedy into John Rambo. Rapid-fire, piercing rounds will quickly clear out groups of enemies, and you can even add a scope to it to deal with Regenerators if you run out of rifle ammo.

5 Red9

RE4 Remake: How to Get the Red9

This important part of the first game can be found early on. In Chapter Four, you can find it on the broken boat in the middle of the lake. It’s the most powerful handgun in the game, but its heavy recoil makes it hard to aim until you trade Spinels for a stock that you can attach to it.

The Red9 is great for normal fights, and most players would be smart to switch Leon’s starting weapon for this powerful pistol as soon as they find it.

4 Stingray

The Stingray is the best sniper rifle in the game, and you can get it pretty quickly. It first shows up in the Castle Merchant’s inventory. Even without upgrades, it lets players slowly cut down the number of enemies from a distance by shooting them in the head.

Once you find the Biosensor Scope, you need the Stingray to kill Regeneradors. This makes it one of the few weapons that you almost have to have to finish the game.

3 Blacktail

Blacktail - Resident Evil 4 Wiki Guide - IGN

The Red9 has a lot of firepowers, but the Blacktail is a great all-around gun that does well in any situation.

It has the right amount of power, accuracy, and speed to reload, and it takes up the least space in your inventory of any gun in the game.The only real problem with the Blacktail is that it has a small clip size, but given how well it works overall, that problem is easy to fix.

2 Flash Grenade

Flash Grenade (Resident Evil Village) | Evil Resource

Other than healing items, Flash Grenades are the most valuable item in RE4. If all they did was stun enemies and let you follow up with a melee attack or knife finisher right away, they would still be near the top of this list… but that’s not even their main goal!

Flash Grenades automatically kill any Plagas that are in their blast area. When used correctly, this can get rid of whole groups of dangerous enemies at once. The fact that they can also stun enemies who aren’t Plagas without putting Leon or Ashley in danger is the cherry on top.

1 Riot Gun

Should you use the Riot Gun shotgun in Resident Evil 4 remake? - Gamepur

In the remake, Leon’s best boomstick is back, and you should never leave the Merchant’s Hideout without it unless you’re doing a challenge run.

The Riot Gun packs the incredible power of a shotgun into a tight spread, letting you kill enemies at mid-range before they get too close. When you shoot at groups of enemies, you usually hit other enemies too, making the Riot Gun a very effective way to kill people.

If you’re on a roll with the Riot Gun, it’s easy to run out of shotgun shells, so be careful with your ammo. If you take care of the best weapon in the game, it will look after you.

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