It’s always pretty easy to suggest high-end computers. But it’s usually hard to find a good laptop that costs less than Rs 30,000. There are computers in that price range, but they don’t have very good specs.

Some won’t have enough RAM, or their processors won’t be able to do much. Chromebooks are a good option for many buyers because they don’t have a lot of extra features and are easy to keep up. By “job,” we mean simple computer chores like browsing the internet, making video calls, and doing schoolwork.

During the pandemic, Chromebooks were very popular because many people realized that PCs were expensive and didn’t do much for the money. Chromebooks have been made by brands like Asus, HP, and Lenovo for a while, so they know who they are for.

HP Chromebook x360 12b review: It's affordable and good | PCWorld

In fact, HP says that its latest Chromebook is “designed to meet the needs of young students in college and school, helping them to collaborate, multitask, and connect work and play in a blended environment.” In other words, for people who don’t want to use their laptops for a lot of work.

We’ve always been impressed by how useful HP’s Chromebooks are, and the Chromebooks 15.6-inch are their newest product. We spent some time with the new HP Chromebook, and here’s what we thought:

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