For serious players, a desktop gaming PC is all they need to play games. But the size can be a problem for many buyers, so they end up getting gaming computers instead. The problem with game laptops is that they have to pack a lot of raw power into a small frame.

HP’s Omen 17-ck2004TX laptop is an attempt to make a portable game system with a high-end 13th-generation Intel Core i9 processor and an Nvidia GeForce RTX 4000 series GPU.

HP Omen 17 (2022) gaming laptop in review: Stylish case and hardware with lots of potential - Reviews

It did this to make a strong game laptop that costs Rs 2,69,990.
Even though it has specs that would make any serious gamer want to buy it, there is a big difference between how it looks on paper and how it works in real life. In this review, we’ll find out if HP was successful in putting high-end game hardware into a laptop.

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