gadgetThe cams on phones are getting better, smarter, and stronger. But are cell phones taking over for cameras? Not yet, but cameras are becoming less important in the modern world. Phones have everything you could want to make you a better photographer: three or even four cameras, weird megapixels, bigger sensors, and software tricks.

Every phone tries to be an alternative to a camera. Samsung, Apple, and Google have all hopped on the megapixel train, but Chinese phone makers have been off it for a long time. Now, they are trying to convince you that their phones really are cameras.

Xiaomi 13 Pro review: will the Leica luck shine? | Mint Lounge

So, companies that make smartphones are teaming up with companies that have been making cameras for more than a century to sell their phones as cameras. Xiaomi worked with Leica, a German company that has been making cameras for over a hundred years, to make the Xiaomi 13 Pro.

Most of the time, we talk about how good a phone is. With Xiaomi 13, it’s about how good this phone’s camera could be. There are three 50MP cameras. One of them has a 1-inch sensor, a Leica lens, and some tuning. Everything looks good on paper, but how well will it photograph? Also, for Rs 79,999, how good of a phone is it? Let’s find out.

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